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Celebrity Big Brother 3 Quick-Cap for 2/20/2022

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Quick-Cap for 2/20/2022

  • I am surprised that Todrick told Carson that he had no intention of keeping him before the eviction.
  • Lamar is calling Todrick out, while Todd tells him to watch his back if he or Miesha don’t win HOH.
  • HOH time! Each person must determine which piece of art is real or fake in a memory game. The last one standing wins.
  • The order of elimination: Cynthia, Lamar, Miesha, Todrick….giving Todrick the win.
  • Todd knows he is going on the block, as does Cynthia. However, the plan is to actually put Lamar on the block as a pawn and backdoor Cynthia if Todd wins POV and takes himself off the block.
  • Todrick shows up to the nomination ceremony in full royal gear and I am here for it all!
  • Todd and Lamar are on the block. Lamar is there because he is a troublemaker and Todd because they share the first syllable of their names.
  • More coming soon, stay tuned!
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