Celebrity Spotlight: Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton

You know them as Spinelli and Jason. The Jackal and Stone Cold. Two of the hot guys from Port Charles. Yes, I am talking about Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton, who play Spinelli and Jason on General Hospital, respectively.  The two of them have amazing, raw talent, make women smile, laugh and swoon all at the same time. In short, they are wonderful and amazing both on and off screen. 

The dynamic duo are not only taking the world of soaps by storm, but they are also dominating the podcast world, YouTube and now Pop Star TV. However,  the two of them took time to talk to TVGrapevine about what is going on in their worlds. Below are some of the highlights of our chat.  

1.The two of them have spent a lot of time (especially during the pandemic)working on their podcast and YouTube page. They made several segments that they thought might be fun for fans, such as their Bad Joke segment, Emmy Chats and Seven Questions. They got a lot of attention, leading them to get their show on Pop Star TV. It has been successful so far and they look forward to what happens next.

2. For them, the biggest challenge was optimizing YouTube and working with experts to get the show going. Steve spent up to five hours a day researching how to make it work for about five weeks. He says it is fantastic and is glad he can reach different audiences with different kinds of content. 

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Bradford says they are fairly easygoing guys, but when it comes to their work, they are 100% motivated. He loves the partnership they have and says they both love to work. 

3. Right now, they are using Zoom and other video conferencing apps to record, since they are unable to meet in person. However, they have also done this in the past when they were unable to meet up (due to living in different cities) or if they had special guests for the show. It was an easy transition for them and they just had to speed up the output so to speak.

Both guys say that they have not worked harder than than they are now and quipped that i will be easy street when they return to General Hospital. 

4.They both love spending time with their kids and wives. Bradford says he loves playing Sorry with his daughters (which he did the day of the interview), as does Steve. They feel like very lucky guys to have such wonderful families and credit their wives for helping them balance it all.

5. Bradford got his start as a musical theater dancer, while Steve loves comedy. He says a lot of people see him as Jason, but are often surprised to see another side of him when he is doing his comedy shows. 

Both of them say that they sometimes fans confuse their real life personas for their characters, which makes some interesting encounters. 

Check your local listings for That’s Awesome! on PopStarTV, as well as their podcast of the same name. 

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