Five Fun Facts About Amazon Prime’s Upload

Amazon Prime’s series Upload promises to be the next big hit for the streaming service.  Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Kevin Bigley and Zainab Johnson all star on the show, while Greg Daniels serves as the series creator. 

The show, which is set to premiere May 1st, is the perfect mix of sci-fi,comedy and fun. Greg, Andy and Robbie recently participated in a press junket to discuss the show. Below are some of the highlights. 

1. Greg revealed that the show is a funny tale about the unpleasant side of technology and what the future may bring in ten years. He calls it a ‘middletopian’ future and is looking forward to seeing the fan reaction. 

2. The show began as a short story written by Greg. It then evolved into a book during the writers’ strike and before long, it became into a TV series. While it is different than some of his previous projects, the show still has some of his own special touch. He describes it as The Office meets Harry Potter and you will have to tune in to see what that means.

3. Robbie says that working on the show was such a great experience for him…because it never felt like work. He also enjoyed working with the cast and crew and says everyone Greg brought on was wonderful. 

4. The biggest challenge for Robbie was trying to find a balance for his character Nathan. Without giving too much away, he said that his character begins one way and eventually changes throughout the season. He wanted to find the perfect mix of both sides of him so fans enjoy the character.

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5. Andy loved having input when it came to playing her character Nora. However, the most difficult part about playing Nora was having to do so in two different worlds… spoilers, but I can promise you are going to love the storyline, especially when it comes to the virtual reality world.

She also loved the virtual reality games,  saying that she became obsessed with them. 

Check back for more Upload news!

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