TV Show Spotlight: Lone Star Justice

Lone star Justice premiered last month on Investigation Discovery and it is not only addicting, but gives a wonderful insight on investigating crimes in Texas. The show features JB Smith, Pamela Dunklin and Joe Rasco as the detectives in charge of recounting past cases and bringing criminals to justice. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the three detectives discussed what it was like to have the work they do televised. Pamela and Joe, unlike JB, had no experience when it came to being on TV. However, they got used to it pretty quickly and soon fell into a routine. JB was more used to being on television and enjoyed the opportunity to be on the show. 

So what makes this show so different than other true crime shows? This terrific trio focuses on the actual investigation and the victims rather than the criminals. The goal of the show is to show viewers the real side of the investigation and all the work that goes into each case. 

Another thing that makes the show interesting is the fact that the three of them don’t actually film anything together. Each detective focuses on one part of the case at different times, using their own unique skills they obtained while on the job. However, each skill is important to each case and come together in order to bring criminals to justice and closure to the victims’ families. 

The three of them are so different, yet have the same goal at the end. They all have unique personality traits that help each other out, which in turn helps make sure the case gets solved. For example, Joe is more paternal and caring, while JB focuses on his leadership skills to help him get to the bottom of the case. Pamela prefers to be more detail oriented and intuitive when it comes to helping out. It is always amazing to see how the three of them may have the same job, yet use different parts of their personality to succeed. It is a breath of fresh air and helps viewers see there are different ways to look at the same case.

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