Rachel Blanchard and Priscilla Faia Discuss You, Me, Her

 You, Me, Her is quite possibly one of TV’s guiltiest pleasures. The show returned earlier this month on AT&T’s Audience Network for its latest season. 

This time around,  we are seeing the throuple Emma, Izzy and Jack settle into married life and prepare for the birth of their child. As always, there are a lot of twists and turns, all of which keep us on the edge of our seats. 

In a recent joint interview with TVGrapevine, the two female leads Rachel Blanchard (Emma) and Priscilla Faia(Izzy)said that this season really focuses on the throuple adjusting to their new lives, post-commitment ceremony. Both ladies revealed that the biggest part of the storyline is Emma’s pregnancy, which leads to Izzy feeling a bit left out and trying to find her way of fitting into this new arrangement. It is a very interesting storyline and one that will have people talking throughout the season. 

However, the more important part of the show is bringing awareness to the polyamorous community. Both ladies admitted that prior to filming,  they didn’t really know much about the community. Once the episodes started airing, though, they got a lot of feedback from the audience and those who are a part of the polyamorous community. They admitted they learned right along with their characters,making the process that much more interesting. They are glad that they are able to bring awareness to the community and be able to show it as realistically as possible.

So what is the other biggest challenge of filming? Both ladies admitted it was the shooting schedule. The entire season was shot in seven weeks, which was a challenge in itself, but they also filmed several things out of sequence. They admitted this got confusing at times, but they enjoyed every moment of making this season. 

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Check your local listings for You, Me, Her showtimes.  

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