Celebrity Spotlight: Sabrina Bryan

Celebrity Spotlight: Sabrina Bryan

America has seen actress and dancer Sabrina Bryan go from childhood to adulthood though her various projects. She is best known for being a part of the Cheetah Girls franchise and her two seasons of Dancing With The Stars. She has grown up to be an accomplished, powerful woman that continues to impress us with everything that she does.

Now the Bold and the Beautiful alum is preparing for a brand new job—motherhood. Last month, Sabrina announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby girl later this year. It is a dream come true for the actress and she is looking forward to beginning this role of a lifetime. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Sabrina opened up about her new life. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Sabrina is working a lot with young women though dance and coaching. Not only is she helping them though choreography, but also on a personal level. She helps them feel empowered in any way she can, not only with her coaching, but by being a role model and a mentor. 

2. She balances it all by focusing on one thing at a time and be as organized as possible. Her positive attitude also helps her continue to succeed with every project and life change. She looks forward to the next chapter in her life and preparing for everything one step at a time.

3. Since she is preparing for her new role as mommy, she has no plans to act at the moment. However, she plans to dive back in once her baby is born. She admits that right now it is hard to do with the body changes she is currently facing.

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4. She is THRILLED hat she still has her Disney fan base from her Cheetah Girl days. For her, the franchise was a wonderful message of female empowerment. She loves that she inspired so many women and that they are in turn inspiring their own daughters with the movie’s message. 

So will there be a reboot? Sabrina says she isn’t sure about that, but she would love to do a reunion with her girls and keep the dynasty alive!

5. Sabrina loves to cook and entertain. Her signature dish depends on the holiday, but she loves making soda bread with her corned beef and cabbages, coconut macaroons with Cadbury eggs and tamales. 

6. She loves watching sports,  especially March Madness when it is on! She also is a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise and anything that makes her laugh and cry, particularly Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us and A Million Little Things. 

Keep checking back for more news on Sabrina. 

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