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Survivor fans have been clamoring for it for years, and reality is finally sinking in – Season 40 is pitting past winners against one another. Twenty contestants will hit the beach in Fiji beginning on Wednesday February 12, to take home the title and the massive bragging rights that go along with it – plus the largest prize in the show’s history at $2 million.

According to the odds-makers at Michele and Sophie at 9/1 and Nick at 12/1 are the favorites among the 20 former champions while Tony (50/1), Boston Rob (40/1) and Sandra (40/1) are the biggest longshots.

While most of your favorites are back, the show opted not to include original Survivor Richard Hatch, along with a few other memorable names, but the cast is very strong and balanced. This will also be the second iteration of the Edge of Extinction (season 38), so castaways voted off will still have an opportunity to get back into the game should they get ousted early.

Here’s a look at the odds for each competitor to reach the final four, win and be the first voted out according to the odds-makers at

Michelle        3/2            9/1
Sophie        3/2            9/1
Nick            5/2            12/1
Adam        5/2            12/1
Danni        3/1            15/1
Denise        3/1            15/1
Wendell        4/1            18/1
Natalie        4/1            18/1
Ben            4/1            18/1
Yul            9/2            20/1
Jeremy        9/2            20/1
Kim            5/1            25/1
Sarah        5/1            25/1
Ethan        6/1            28/1
Tyson        6/1            28/1
Amber        7/1            33/1
Parvati        7/1            35/1
Sandra        9/1            40/1
Boston Rob    9/1            40/1
Tony        10/1            50/1

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Tony    9/1
Boston Rob    9/1
Sandra    12/1
Parvati    12/1
Amber    15/1
Tyson    15/1
Ethan    18/1
Sarah    18/1
Kim        18/1
Jeremy    20/1
Yul        20/1
Ben        25/1
Natalie    25/1
Wendell    28/1
Denise    28/1
Danni    33/1
Adam    35/1
Nick        40/1
Sophie    40/1
Michelle    50/1

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