Dancing With The Stars 28: The Top Ten Perform

It is the fourth episode of Season 28 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Tonight Leah Remini judges the top ten dancers along with Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.

Fans can vote by phone, online or by text….live.

The judges will have a chance to save a bottom two couple.

Time to dance!

Celebrity: Sean Spicer

Claim to Fame: Former White House Press Secretary

Pro: Lindsay Arnold

Dance: Paso Doble 

Sammi: First, I want to thank him for his service to our great country. He seems to be listening to the judges and Lindsay…it is obvious he is taking this seriously. While he might not be the best dancer, he is truly trying and having fun, and for that he should be commended. 

Len: He enjoyed the attack, but not great technically.

Bruno: It wasn’t in sync but he took the bull by the horns.

Carrie Ann: Great arms, but watch the facial expressions.

Leah: She loves how he tries his best. 

Scores: 5-6-5-5=21 out of 40.

Celebrity: Ally Brooke

Claim to Fame: Fifth Harmony

Pro: Sasha Farber

Dance: Jive

Sammi: It was an ‘Ally’ dance. Sassy, flirty, fun and exciting. She really showed her personality and even channeled some of the divas out there. Get it, girl!

Bruno: He thinks it was a diva jive.

Carrie Ann: She thinks it was amazing.

Leah: She made a difficult dance amazing.

Len: Great technique and personality. 

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32 out of 40

Contestant: Kel Mitchell

Claim to Fame: All That/Kenyan and Kel

Pro: Witney Carson

Dance: Cha cha cha cha 

Sammi: This is by far his best dance ever. I love how he seems to be coming into his own and really seems to be taking this seriously without losing that personality. 

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Carrie Ann: This is the performance she was waiting for. 

Leah: He is wonderful and he needs to own that.

Len: He is no longer under the radar.

Bruno: He showed his engaging personality. 

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32 out of 40

Celebrity: Kate Flannery

Claim to Fame: The Office

Pro: Pasha Pashkov

Dance: Argentine Tango

Sammi: While this dance isn’t her forte, it was a great effort. It is obvious she is trying to learn and over doing the show. She is as cute as ever and continues to be one of my faves. 

Leah: She loves her energy and how she represents the audience.

Len: She struggled with the character this week. 

Bruno: She went for it, but lost balance and smoothness.

Carrie Ann: Work on her facial expressions, but nice lines. 

Scores: 7-7-7=21 out of 30

Celebrity: James Van Der Beek

Claim to Fame: Dawson’s Creek

Pro: Emma Slater

Dance: Cha Cha Cha 

Sammi: His wife is having another baby! Congrats to them. He mentions that they have experienced three miscarriages in the past, which is heartbreaking.  I’m thrilled they have a new little one to join their family.

Their dance is by far my favorite of the night. Lots of fun, lots of technique and lots of smiles from me. It was wonderful, but they need to work more on being in sync. 

Len: He is a terrific dancer, but wanted more hold.

Bruno: He points out places to improve, but overall, he enjoyed it. 

Carrie Ann: They need to work on their syncing, but otherwise it was great.

Leah: Amazing from day one. 

Scores: 7-7-7-7=28 out of 30

Contestant: Hannah Brown

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Claim to Fame: Reigning Bachelorette 

Pro: Alan Bersten

Dance: Paso Doble

Sammi: WOW. Don’t mess with angry Hannah. I totally get the hide behind the smile thing. As for the dance, she NAILED IT. WOW. I have to say, we may have another Melissa Rycroft on our hands….she was just that good with the technique and personality. 

Bruno: He compliments the technique from the sexy beast.

Carrie Ann: She sees a huge difference from last week and lets her know her comments are meant to help her, not hurt her.

Leah: She is so cute.

Len: Fast, clear and with controlled aggression.

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32 out of 40

Celebrity: Lamar Odom

Claim to Fame: NBA star

Pro: Peta Murgatroyd 

Dance: Viennese waltz 

Sammi: His kids are so cute. I really believe he is trying to redeem himself with the show. He worked very hard this week and while he still struggled, he really put everything into it and I saw visible improvement.

Carrie Ann: She sees courage and vulnerability. 

Leah: She notices his struggle and appreciates his hard work.

Len: He has a gentleness about him.

Bruno: He loves the tenderness and connection with Peta.

Scores: 5-7-4-4= 20 out of 40

Celebrity: Sailor Brinkley Cook (replacing mom Christie Brinkley)

Claim to Fame: Model

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy 

Dance: Cha cha cha 

Sammi: That was fun to watch. Her shyness and insecurities are going away and we are seeing her blossom before our eyes. 

Leah: She emanates loveliness.

Len: She makes him smile. 

Bruno: He appreciates her hard work and her light shining every week.

Carrie Ann: Work on the feet, but overall, she did well.

Scores: 7-8-8-8=31 out of 40

Contestant: Lauren Alaina 

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Claim to Fame: American Idol/Country singer 

Pro: Gleb Savchenko 

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: This night keeps getting better and better. Her dance was amazing and she really not only stepped it up for herself, but for the competition as a whole. This is going to be one tough season for everyone because everyone is just that good.

Len: He didn’t like the beginning, but liked the rest. 

Bruno: He liked the elegance and musicality.

Carrie Ann: This is her dance.

Leah: She loved it.

Scores: 8-8–8-8=32 out of 40

Celebrity: Karamo Brown

Claim to Fame: Queer Eye

Pro: Jenna Johnson

Dance: Tango

Sammi: He did very well and showed more confidence. He is slowly but surely improving with each passing week. 

Bruno: He is turning into a leading man.

Carrie Ann: There was a lift, but she loved it overall. (I’m glad she explained the lift rule is there to make it fair for those who cannot do lifts.)

Leah: He needs more credit than he is getting.

Len: He has mixed feelings about the dance and offers places to improve.

Scores: 7-7-7-7=28 out of 40

Results: The bottom two couples are Lamar and Peta and Kamaro and Jenna. 

Carrie Ann chooses to save Kamaro and Jenna.

Bruno chooses to save Kamaro and Jenna.

With two votes, they are safe and Lamar and Peta are eliminated. 

Disney night next week, stay tuned. 

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