Call Me Kat Recap for 2/2/2023: Call Me Fatty Patty

Call Me Kat Recap for 2/2/2023: Call Me Fatty Patty

Call Me Kat Recap for 2/2/2023: Call Me Fatty Patty

The episode opens with Sheila, Kat, Randi, Carter, Darren and Gideon singing Happy Birthday to Max. He is grateful for it, even with the rap Kat and Gideon do….minus the twerking.


Max gives a speech, but since it is ice cream cake, Carter wants him to hurry up and blow out the candles. However, they are trick candles,  which freak out Gideon, causing him to throw the cake on the floor. Carter tries to eat it off the floor on the guise of tying his shoe.


Max is ready for gifts and is surprised with a rented RV to go camping in the Smoky Mountains.


Randi and Carter pack for the trip. He wants to bring weapons, but Randi is more interested in discussing where to live after the wedding. She wants them to find their own place, but he wants her to just move in with him. She doesn’t like his place, causing them to get into a fight.


Sheila is watching the cats while Kat is away, so she gives her a book of instructions. She wonders if the hospital the wrong baby.


Max arrives and Kat surprises him with homemade insect repellant, which includes the scent of urine mixed with other ingredients.


Gideon arrives, wanting to go on the trip, despite it being for the couples. He is sad about this, so Kat agrees to let him go, harmonica and all. She brings her castanets.

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On the road, Gideon plays the harmonica until Randi makes Carter take it away. Kat comes out of the bathroom after flossing her teeth and declares herself an astronaut. She is sad Gideon is not playing the harmonica anymore, so she plays the castanets.


Randi reads Kat’s binder of bear trivia, but it only leads to her fighting with Carter and it coming out that she might be moving out. Max is upset he might need a new roommate, so Gideon volunteers to move in.


The gang ends up at a coffee shop, where Gideon ends up flirting with the waitress. Kat encourages him to talk to her, so he follows her.


Carter and Max joke about taking him to a strip club, which leads to Randi and Carter fighting and leaving the table. They leave Max and Kat alone and agreeing to move in together, but not before they decide to go to a place that sells President shaped cheese and her stealing the ketchup packets.


Kat tells Randi the news, but Randi thinks it might not work out as well as she thinks. The two of them also end up fighting.


The guys play video games together and talk about Gideon making a move on the waitress. They give him advice and continue to bond.


At the campsite, Kat is happy she made fire, even if it was with a propane tank. Gideon wants to get firewood, so Randi lets him, even if it is not needed.

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Carter complains about the scent and sprays the air with pine. Meanwhile, Kat and Max fight over the thickness of the burgers and the fact that he used the ketchup packets for a prank. Randi and Carter smirk over the fact that they think they are a better couple.


The next day, everyone is still fighting on their nature walk when they run into a bear. Gideon runs away, while everyone tries to figure out what to do based on the binder. They make themselves big, sing and run away as the bear finally walks away.


Afterward, the couples both talk things out and decide to compromise on things.


Gideon drives by in the RV without stopping, screaming that he is going to ask out the waitress.


The episode ends with Kat calling Sheila to thank her for taking care of the cats…..which Sheila forgot to do.


Call Me Kat airs Thursdays at 9:30pm, only on Fox.

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