Dancing With The Stars 28: The First Elimination

It is the second episode of Season 28 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Tonight will give the couples another chance to perform before we get to the first elimination. 

Fans can vote by phone, online or by text….live.

The judges will have a chance to save a bottom two couple 

Time to dance!

Celebrity: James Van Der Beek

Claim to Fame: Dawson’s Creek

Pro: Emma Slater

Dance: Cha Cha Cha 

Sammi: I love how Emma is able to give a good mix of his personality and technique into the routine. He’s also quite the athlete. I’m impressed with him and think he put itself in the front runner spot tonight 

Len: It was a solid performance, but too many gimmicks. 

Bruno: He gushes over how much he loved the ‘Broadway’ cha cha cha. 

Carrie Ann: They need to work on their lines matching. 

Scores: 7-6-7=20 out of 30

At least he is trying to also learn the technical terms.

Celebrity: Sailor Brinkley Cook (replacing mom Christie Brinkley)

Claim to Fame: Model

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy 

Dance: Rumba 

Sammi: Her dancing is still good, but I feel like they are lacking the chemistry needed for this dance. She got the moves down pat, but without the chemistry, it seemed like a rumba by numbers.

Bruno: She is made for this dance, but she needs to link the moves.

Carrie Ann: She is lacking consistency, but she moves beautifully.

Len: She needs to work on her feet.

Scores: 6-6-6=18 out of 30

Celebrity: Ray Lewis

Claim to Fame: NFL star

Pro: Cheryl Burke

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: He is such a ball of sunshine. Yes, he is stiff sometimes and kind of reminds me of a dad dancing tonight, but he is so adorable. It is also obvious he is trying to learn. 

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Carrie Ann: He made a lot of mistakes, but she likes how fun he is to watch.

Len: He was flat footed and went wrong numerous times. His personality saved his mark.

Bruno: He always lights up the room. 

Scores: 5-5-5=15 out of 30

Celebrity: Ally Brooke

Claim to Fame: Fifth Harmony

Pro: Sasha Farber

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Sammi: It was a beautiful dance, but she needs to work on her technique. I feel like she gets into her head too much and once she relaxes she will be fine.

Len: She can dance and did a lovely job, but needs to work on her technique.

Bruno: He thinks it was pretty and offers places to make it better.

Carrie Ann: She hugs her and tells her she is a dancer.

Scores: 7-6-7= 20 out of 30

Celebrity: Mary Wilson

Claim to Fame: The Supremes 

Pro: Brandon Armstrong

Dance: Cha cha cha

Sammi: She looks fantastic. This dance isn’t quite her forte, but the fact that she is out there, shaking her stuff and giving us all that sass? It doesn’t even matter. She is amazing. 

Bruno: Fabulous.

Carrie Ann: She made a lot of mistakes, but she worked the room.

Len: He wants her to work on her legs but enjoyed it.

Scores: 5-5-5=15 out of 30

Contestant: Lauren Alaina 

Claim to Fame: American Idol/Country singer 

Pro: Gleb Savchenko 

Dance: Paso Doble 

Sammi:  This is my favorite routine of the night. There was a bit too much posing, but overall, she did a wonderful job and they had the best chemistry of the night so far. 

Carrie Ann: She wants her to work on her shoulders and consistency, but loved the rest.

Len: He was a bit disappointed.

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Bruno: She’s gone all nasty and he liked it.

Scores: 6-6-7=19 out of 30

Celebrity: Sean Spicer

Claim to Fame: Former White House Press Secretary

Pro: Lindsay Arnold

Dance: Tango

Sammi: He’s got such a great sense of humor. Even though he is a bit stiff, he reminds me of Jerry Springer with his personality and charm. Happy birthday to him!

Len: Better than last week. 

Bruno: It looked like a tango.

Carrie Ann: Great body content and much improved.

Scores: 6-5-5= 16 out of 30

Celebrity: Karamo Brown

Claim to Fame: Queer Eye

Pro: Jenna Johnson

Dance: Quickstep

Sammi:His mother in law is a trip, I love her. His personality is incredible and I just cannot stop smiling when I watch him dance. He improved his technique as well.

Bruno: He loves him and the routine…..despite the lack of body contact.

Carrie Ann: He is electrifying, but work on the body contact.

Len: He isn’t sure about the shoes….or the franticness and wants him to calm down.

Scores: 7-5-7=19 out of 30

Celebrity: Kate Flannery

Claim to Fame: The Office

Pro: Pasha Pashkov

Dance: Foxtrot 

Sammi: I love Kate. She is the cutest thing ever with her personality and attitude. Her dancing is also great, she seems to really absorb what she learns and put it on the dance floor. 

Carrie Ann: She is amazing and reminds her of Kelly Osborne. 

Len: He has antennas and sunglasses on….and thinks she did a wonderful job.

Bruno: Foxtrot accomplished.

Scores: 7-7-7=21 out of 30

Contestant: Kel Mitchell

Claim to Fame: All That/Kenyan and Kel

Pro: Witney Carson

Dance: Samba

Sammi: His dad just had brain surgery….my heart breaks seeing how sad he is, it is obvious he loves him. I have to say, Kel has not changed since his Nick days. He is so fun to watch and makes me smile so big. While it is a basic dance, he seems to nail the steps. I now remember why he was my celeb crus as a kid. 

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Len: He liked the easy action and the steps. Very good job.

Bruno: It was natural and musical. He has talent.

Carrie Ann: He is smooth, but watch the bouncing. 

Scores: 7-6-7=20 out of 30

Celebrity: Lamar Odom

Claim to Fame: NBA star

Pro: Peta Murgatroyd 

Dance: Salsa

Sammi: I feel like this is his redemption story. He seems to really want to improve his life. As for the dance, he is doing better, but I can see where his height is a disadvantage. At least he is trying. 

Bruno: He took a small step in the right direction.

Carrie Ann: He is improving and needs to work on the strength . 

Len: Well done. 

Scores: 4-4-4=12 out of 30

Contestant: Hannah Brown

Claim to Fame: Reigning Bachelorette 

Pro: Alan Bersten

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Sammi: She is flawless, beautiful and floats on stage. This is the perfect way to end the night. She kind of reminds me of Stacy Keibler.   

Carrie Ann: She enjoyed it.

Len: He thinks it had lovely musicality and was the best dance of the night.

Bruno: Thank you for finishing the lines.

Scores: 8-8-8=24 out of 30

I finally figured out who she looks like….Bobbie Eakes from All My Children/ 

Again…..What happened to Keo and Daniella?

Results! Lamar and Peta are SAFE! James and Emma are SAFE! Ally and Sasha are SAFE! Karamo and Jenna are SAFE. Sean and Lindsay are SAFE. Hannah and Alan are SAFE. Sailor and Val are SAFE. Kel and Whitney are SAFE. Lauren and Gleb are SAFE. Kate and Pasha are SAFE.

Ray and Cheryl and Mary and Brandon are in the bottom two. 

Carrie Ann saves Mary and Brandon.

Bruno saves Ray and Cheryl.

Len saves Ray and Cheryl.

Mary and Brandon are eliminated. 

More next week. Stay tuned.

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