Big Brother 25 Live Feeds: About Last Night

Big Brother Recap for 7/7/19

Tonight is yet another night on CBS’s Big Brother. When we last left our houseguests, we found out evicted houseguests David and Ovi are part of Camp Comeback, Jack is new HOH and there are going to be more twists and turns. 

We pick up on day 15 in the house. Everyone is discussing the Camp Comeback twist and causing several people, especially Christie, to freak out. However, we also see a lot of hugs from everyone, so who knows how people really feel?

OK, Michie is actually worried David is back after the way he caused him to get evicted. The two talk it out and then Michie talks to Ovi. He seems to want to have all his bases covered, especially since Ovi still has the power.

Michie also talks to Jack to fill him in on his talk with Ovi. It seems like their alliance is still in tact. 

David is ready to make the biggest comeback in history. He is also not ready to forgive Michie for the stunt he pulled. 

Nicole warns Ovi to be careful about trusting the guys, causing him to rethink everything.

Camp Wackitivity. Tommy has a camp activity that forces him too face his fears of snakes. He has to match them and I have to say, I feel bad for him. Holly, Jack, Sam, and Michie are also doing this. 

Jack was a secret power that allows him to do a POV redraw. I’m not exactly clear, but it seems like he can force the HOH to repick players. He pretends he doesn’t have the power and allows people to believe Sam or Tommy have it.

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The winner of the next veto competition also wins a trip to Fiji.

Michie wants to being a showmance with Holly, who says he needs to stop sleeping in Kathryn’s bed. However, Kathryn can’t take a hint and acts clingy, causing Jack to consider putting her on the block once Michie talks to him about it. Needless to say, she is not happy with it. 

Holly, Isabella, Jessica and Kemi form a Black Widow alliance and final four deal. Isabella just hopes Jack doesn’t find out she is a part of it, so she tells him Jessica is forming a new alliance. The news about Jack finding out about the alliance gets back to Jessica, who wonders who ratted her out. 

Jessica and Kemi are on the block. Stay tuned for more on Tuesday!

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