Big Brother 21: The Final HOH Part 1

BB 21

Then there were three! Last week, Cliff got sent to the jury on CBS’s Big Brother. When he was gone, Holly, Michie and Nicole began the battle for HOH part one. At this point, it is truly anyone’s game to win or lose. 

Nicole isn’t happy about being in the house with Michie and Holly. Michie is beginning to crack under pressure and makes several Diary Room entries. Holly feels as if she is living the dream. 

Michie worries about the jury and how they will react when they find out he is in the top three. He knows he didn’t play a very good game and made some enemies with them. He talks to Nicole about it, and she knows he is trying to convince her to take him to the final two. Nicole then does the same thing to Holly, saying Michie is the stronger game player.

We get a look back at the final three’s journey to the finals, bringing back memories of the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The final three from last year come back to discuss this year’s final three with Julie Chen Moonves. The consensus is that Cliff and Nicole flubbed up, they are shocked Michie and Holly made it this far and NO MORE SHOWMANCES! They also agree that Nicole had a good social game and Michie dominated the competition.

HOH part one! They have to do a lava pit and then put together a puzzle. Michie wins and is in the next round. Tune in on Wednesday to see who wins Big Brother. 

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