Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/2/19

We are getting to the home stretch of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. There are only four episodes left, so couples will have to decide if they will stay together, break up or get engaged. There are also more people arriving on the island, throwing a monkey wrench into everything. What will happen tonight? We are about to find out.

When we last left off, Angela entered the island, upsetting Nicole, who is with her ex, Clay. Everyone feels uncomfortable, especially when they see she has a date card. However, she takes Mike out on a date, much to Nicole’s relief. However, Nicole is still very insecure over the whole situation. Clay is not faring much better because he doesn’t want to hang with his ex.

Also, Nicole calls Angela desperate, but she hangs over Clay and is the one acting insecure, so there is that.

At least Angela is being mature about it, she doesn’t want to be BFF with Nicole and is fine with seeing Clay.

Tayshia calls Clay out for not mentioning Nicole to Angela and not calling Nicole his girlfriend. To be fair, the wedding wasn’t the appropriate place to do that…and Tayshia needs a nice big glass of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I know Nicole is her friend, but that doesn’t give her a free pass to insert herself into the relationship or whatever Clay and Nicole am have….not that I speak from experience, but it’s not nice to put your nose in where it doesn’t belong when it comes to another relationship.

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Of course, everyone is shoving their two cents into this and again, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! I know they are asked for the interviews, but seriously, this is between Nicole and Clay and Angela chose Mike, so why does it even matter?

Angela uses her date with Mike to explain her relationship with Clay and why she is there. He tells her some stuff he heard and this whole thing is becoming another he said/she said thing. Then they kiss.

We seriously wasted a half hour on this nonsense.

Tayshia is confused as to give her rose to because of her own love triangle with John Paul Jones and Derek. However, John Paul Jones is also involved with Haley.

John Paul Jones tells Mike that while he has good chemistry with Haley, his heart is with Tayshia. Then they talk about the evilness that is Derek.

Speaking of Derek, he tells Haley John Paul Jones is into Tayshia and she is not a happy bunny. she confronts John Paul Jones on this and He apologizes for not saying something sooner. She is upset and not sure what to do.

John Paul Jones complains about Derek and ends up fighting with Haley. Demi is way too entertained by this.

Caelynn and Connor make out.

John Paul Jones feels bad about hurting Haley and gets into yet another feud with Derek. It takes a good fifteen minutes and everyone, including myself is sick of it.

Matt Donald from Hannah’s season shows up. YAY! He was my favorite, even though he got cut the first night. His voice cracks and he wonders what his mom will think of all this. He is so like my brother in law and best guy friend if they combined and became one person.

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Luke S comes in and it turns out the two of them share a date card, thus giving hem a double date. Matt takes Sydney and Luke takes Kristina. They all explore, bond and get to know each other. I’m actually very interested in hearing about Matt being a CODA and watching him sign.

John Paul Jones and Tayshia talk and she says he hurt her feelings. He admits be could have communicated better and his feelings for her are strong. She is figuring things out and he isn’t happy.

Tayshia breaks things off with Derek and he leaves Paradise.

More tomorrow, stay tuned.

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