ICYMI: Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/15/2021

ICYMI: Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/15/2021

ICYMI: Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/15/2021

The latest episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 opens with the beginning of the HOH competition. Christian has been evicted, while Derek X must sit out due to being outgoing HOH.


The competition has the contestants going head to head with previous comp trivia.


First Team: Britini vs. Claire–Britini wins

Second Team: Kyland vs. Sara Beth–Kyland wins

Third Team: Britini vs. Azah–Azah wins

Fourth Team: Kyland vs. Alyssa–Kyland wins

Fifth Team: Azah vs. Big D–Azah wins

Sixth Team: Tiffany vs. Hannah–Tiffany wins

Seventh Team: Azah vs. Kyland–Kyland wins

Eighth Team: Xavier vs. Tiffany–Tiffany wins

Ninth Team: Tiffany vs. Kyland–Kyland wins


Tiffany is mad the competition wasn’t thrown in her favor so she could win, even though Kyland tried and she failed to answer the question correctly.


Everyone wants Kyland to keep Sarah Beth safe this week, otherwise everyone will know she and Kyland are in cahoots. He knows Alyssa, Claire and Britini are his only options to put on the block.


The houseguests take turns talking to Kyland to discuss who should go on the block. He considers Claire because she suggests (unknowingly) that he go against his Cookout alliance, while Azah thinks he doesn’t care about what she has to say.


Later on, he discusses game with Big D, who suggests Sarah Beth go up as a pawn. However, Kyland doesn’t want to do that, so he suggest Big D go up instead. He surprisingly agrees.

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Nomination time! Claire and Big D are the nominees based on things Kyland observed earlier. Big D decides to keep the fact that he volunteered to be a pawn to himself.


High Roller time! They can play for certain things, including a second veto medallion, switching a nominee and overthrowing HOH. Each game can only be won once and the prize must be used that week.


In addition to the money they have, America gives each player money to use for the games.


Claire, Sarah Beth, Kyland, Azah and Alyssa all get $50, with Claire, Sarah Beth and Kyland opting to play the Veto game. Sarah Beth and Claire get four points, he gets nine.


Xavier and Hannah get $75, but save their money. Tiffany also gets $75, but decides to play for veto. She gets zero points.


Hannah gets $100 and decides to save it, as does Derek. Big D uses half his $100 for the veto game. He gets five points.


Those who won points will be able to use them in the
POV comp to earn a second medallion.


More Wednesday, stay tuned.

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