Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/20/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise picks up from where we left off. Demi is waiting to talk to Chris Harrison about how she is still having feelings with the woman she left back home. 

Derek understands what Demi is going through, but says it still hurts. 

Chris and Demi have a heart to heart and he actually gives her some sound advice and asks if she can imagine her life without Derek. He is supportive and it makes me cry because everyone deserves that kind of support and love. 

Things seem calm in paradise tonight as everyone mingles and drinks. The only drama seems to be with Caitlin trying to bond with Blake because Kristina is in the way. She keeps flirting with Blake and causing problems, which pisses Caitlin off. 

Caitlin finally confronts Kristina, who tells her to MYOB and focus on her own relationship. Kristina says it is up to Blake to do what he wants at the end of the day.

Nicole is watching Clay work out and….I’m sorry….I kind of got distracted by him. Anyone else think he may be the next Bachelor? 

Katie and Chris are bonding. They seem to be one of the strongest couples there…..and then…someone named Jen shows up. She is apparently from Ben H’s season and did a stint on another season of BIP where she dated Nick (thanks, Google!), but I do not remember her at all. She has a date card and takes him out, which does not sit well with Katie.

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However, she talks to Dean first, who says he is with Caelynn. 

As an aside, Dean reminds me of the love child of Shaggy from Scooby Doo and that dude Cody from Step by Step. The van, the chill attitude….it’s cute.

They are on a boat and he gets seasick. They then go back to Paradise for time on the beach And in the hot tub. They make out despite how confused he is about his feelings for her. She is also confused, but remains hopeful.

Chris talks to Katie, who says this allowed her to realize her feelings for him. She wants to be with him. 

Everyone is mingling when Chris Harrison comes to talk to Demi. He decided to bring her girlfriend Kristian onto the show to help her make her decision. They tearfully hug and its so sweet. 

The two of them talk and Demi tells Kristian about Derek. She admits that this is hard and Kristian says it is hard to hear. Demi decides to break things off with Derek, who is understanding but heartbroken.

The two of them talk with Kristian and it is actually pretty sweet. They agree Demi is wonderful and want what is in her best interest. 

Demi then introduces Kristian and officially comes out. It is beautiful how they all accept her for who she is and love her just the same. 

Demi and Kristian then get a special date card to rekindle their flame. They have dinner and talk, which allows Kristian to be honest about her hurt regarding Derek and the fact that Demi needed to test them. Demi apologizes and they decide to commit to one another. 

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More next week, stay tuned! 

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