Big Brother 24 Premiere Recap

Big Brother 24 Premiere Recap
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Big Brother 24 Premiere Recap

Season 24 of CBS’s Big Brother opens with brief introductions of several guests and an introduction from Julie Chen Moonves.

Group one:

  • Jasmine is from the South and has been featured on several publications due to her nail business. She is doing this show in her father’s memory.
  • Kyle does dance videos online and lives with his parents…but he tells his girlfriend he has two elderly roommates and has a basement apartment.
  • Paloma is a beach loving girl who is also a real estate agent. She is all about family.
  • Monte is a personal fitness trainer who loves salsa dancing and doing impressions.

These four enter the house, where they must find tickets for the BB Fest, aka the theme of the summer. Everyone is excited to explore, but Julie has them do their first competition before they can get too comfortable.

As an aside, Monte holds the door open, which is sweet.

The competition has three stations: Porta-Potties, Piercing Station and Merch. They must scan it to find out where they go. One ticket is also for backstage.


Four more guests arrive!

  • Alyssa is a writer and in the beauty industry. She grew up watching the show and pretending to do comps.
  • Daniel is an Elvis tribute artist who is a superfan and a dad.
  • Taylor is a personal stylist and a beauty queen.
  • Michael is a criminal defense attorney who is also a member of MENSA.

The four of them walk in and find out where their tickets take them.

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Taylor–Piercing Tent

The next four guests arrive!

  • Nicole is a private chef and former cop. She is doing this for her mom, who has cancer.
  • Turner loves the van life and art. He is also into Reiki.
  • Joseph is a lawyer/personal trainer. He is also very proud of his Middle Eastern heritage.
  • Brittany is a clinical hypnotherapist and belly dancer.

They enter the house and told where their tickets take them.

Brittany–Piercing Tent
Turner–Piercing Tent
Joseph–Piercing Tent

The final four guests are introduced.

  • Terrance is a bus driver by day and DJ by night. He is also a devoted father and husband.
  • Indy is a corporate flight attendant. She is from Brazil and moved to the USA to live the American Dream.
  • Pooch is a college football coach who is getting his Masters degree. He and his mom watched the show together throughout his childhood.
  • Ameerah loves to travel and thinks her life set her up to be on the show.

Terrance–Piercing Tent
Pooch–Backstage Boss (He heads upstairs)

Time for the competition to begin. The winner in each group will compete against each other and then that winner will become HOH.

Pooch will not be competing tonight due to the Backstage Boss pass.

Group 1: The Porta-Potties

This group is in actual porta-potties wearing goggles. They listen to, er, potty conversations and have to guess which word was used the most.

Answer 1: Two

Paloma is eliminated for answering last. Everyone got it correct.

Answer 2: Two

They all got it correct, but Jasmine is eliminated for answering last.

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Answer 3: one

Nicole got it wrong and is eliminated.

Answer 4: Three

Kyle is eliminated for answering too slow.

Monte is in the next round of competition

Group 2: Piercing Panic

They must place jewelry on their faces by following a picture. The winner moves to the next round.

Turner wins!

Group 3: Merch

They must hang on to a t-shirt in midair. The last one standing….er hanging, wins!

Daniel wins!

The HOH Comp!

The three must unpack and assemble a drum set. The one who does it correctly in the shortest amount of time wins.

Daniel wins HOH!

Pooch will not be participating in anything this week and is safe from elimination. He will next compete in the second HOH comp. He also has the power to choose three other houseguests to be backstage. They will not be competing, but will still be eligible for elimination.

Pooch decides to choose Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany, mostly based on how they ranked in their games—or eliminated first in their respective games.

More Sunday, stay tuned!

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