So You Think You Can Dance Recap for 8/12/19

Tonight is the first live shows for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone will dance tonight and we will find out the results next week. As always, America will vote for their favorites and the ones with the lowest votes will go home.

Cat Deely hosts, while Dominic Sandoval, Laurieann Gibson, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe will judge.

First up, we see a wonderful group dance choreographed by Mandy Moore. It is beautiful to watch and amazing to see all this talent come together in one routine.


Bailey and Mariah: They do a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy. It was a wonderful way to begin the night and had the kind of energy to put anyone watching in a good mood. While there is room for improvement, they overall did a good job.

The judges also enjoy it, with Dominic even saying he is jealous of Bailey’s talent. Everyone thinks they set the bar for tonight. 

Stephanie and Gino: Their routine is a hip hop dance choreographed by Luther. I loved how effortless they made the routine look, especially since this isn’t their main type of dance. However, you’d never be able to tell by watching them. Luther did a great job of playing up their strengths.

Dominic and Nigel wanted to see more from Gino and want him to let go more, whereas the ladies think that he killed it. 

Anna and Benjamin: They do a cha cha cha choreographed by Emma and Sasha. While they look like they are having a blast, it is obvious they are nervous, especially Benjamin. I also Ike their chemistry.

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The judges offer some places to improve, but overall enjoy the routine. They are also impressed with how well they did ballroom, especially since Anna’s forte is hip hop.

Madison and Ezra: Talia choreographs a beautiful contemporary routine for them. This is Madison’s top style of dance, so she obviously did very well. Ezra did a great job keeping up with her and I loved their connection and musicality. 

Laurieann thinks is was a powerful routine, while Mary loves its purity. Dominic and Nigel also enjoyed it and everyone is impressed with how they recovered from a mistake during the routine.

Sophie and Eddie: They end the duets portion of the night with a jazz routine choreographed by Brian. While Sophie did very well, it was obvious that Eddie was not comfortable with this routine. He seemed nervous and it seemed as if it was difficult for them to keep up with her.

The judges all agree that Eddie struggled, but compliment Sophie’s effort. 

Girl’s Dance:

The ladies do a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis. It is beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. I love seeing how they all work together to come up with something so amazing.

Boy’s Dance:

Luther does a hip hop routine for them. It is fun to watch and it looks like they are enjoying themselves, but I feel bad for Eddie, who once again seems to be struggling. However, he has such heart that you can’t help but love him.

Results and dancing next week! Stay tuned. 

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