Sammi’s Favorite Things: Martha Stewart Wines

I am a huge Martha Stewart fan. I’ve subscribed to her magazines, watched her shows and loved her radio station on Sirius/XM. When I found out she gave  a new line of wines her seal of approval, (via Martha Stewart Wine Co. team)  well, my love for her grew three sizes.

I recently tried several of her wines and was impressed with the quality and fast of each one. Best of all, the team found a way to pair them with some television shows. (I personally drank mine while watching The Bachelor and the Olympics, but to each their own.

Below are Martha Stewart Wine Co’s ideas on TV / wine pairings, as well as my thoughts on the wine.

MADAME SECRETARY: Nothing says ‘Merica’ more than a fruity & crisp California wine (like the 2016 Spencer Family’s Sauvignon Blanc). It pairs perfectly with politics! (I’m not usually a fan of drier wines, but the crisp taste in this one quickly changed my mind!)

*STRANGER THINGS: This refreshing, award-winning show deserves a refreshing, award-winning wine like the 2016 Bear Hug Chardonnay, one of Martha’s favorites! (This was my favorite. I love Chardonnay and this one was one of the best I have ever tasted.)

*GAME OF THRONES: A bold red blend (like Martha’s 2013 El Macho Reserva from Spain, is as close to a strong, smooth Dornish wine as you can get! (Tip: Pair this one with some dark chocolate. You will be in heaven!)

*THE CROWN: The tasteful show captivates much like Martha’s fruity, floral, and elegant 2016 Racine Côtes de Provence, made by a descendant of an esteemed Burgundy wine-growing family. (Perfect to eat with pasta, strong enough to end a long day and overall near-perfect!)

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*TOP CHEF: A sparkling white (such as L’Arche Perlee Cremant from Bordeaux) is the most food-friendly of all wines! (Mix with OJ for an epic mimosa!)

*BIG LITTLE LIES : This Monterey-based show is ripe with drama, so we suggest the 2013 Ocean Breeze Monterey Pinot Noir.  (This is another one that is perfect for a long, tough day. It kind of reminded me of a grown up grape juice without all the sugar.)

*SNOOP & MARTHA’S POTLUCK: Pair the VH1 hit with Cala De Poeti Sangiovese, which is poured on the show regularly. (I drank this one with Mexican meal, of all things. It was an unusual choice, but in an odd way it worked. The spiciness paired perfectly with the flavor of this wine.

More on the wine:

According to Martha, wine isn’t just about great taste; “it’s a tool to compliment special occasions and an opportunity to express yourself as an entertainer.” Or put more simply, “Wine helps!” Her new online shop offers a versatile selection of bottles, packs, and pairing advice.

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Author: Sammi Turano
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