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ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/28/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/28/2022

  • Abir and Molly are the team captains.
  • Team Molly: Liya, Ciara, Eva, A’Dan
  • Team Abir: Grayson, Ivy, Chris, Starla
  • Daphne driving that big-ass truck was pretty epic, especially since she is pregnant. I am NOT pregnant and would NEVER attempt!
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay and Aaron showing up in their own monster truck was probably one of the best moments of the series.
  • The teams must cook for a bunch of monster truck and motorcross drivers. They need to make a hearty meal and include an American corndog.
  • PLOT TWIST! The captains switch teams!
  • A’Dan arguing with his team is not a good look. I know he wants to do protein, but they are all right, he undercooked the chicken the last time.
  • That black eyed pea relish Starla is making looks delightful.
  • Red Team Dish: Rib eye with smashed potatoes, corn and tomato salsa. However, the potatoes are bland, and the salsa and corn need to be cooked more. The judges tell him to get it together.
  • Blue Team Dish: Veal chop with relish and Brussels sprouts. The veal us undercooked and the dish itself is too dry and under seasoned.
  • A’Dan is not happy with his team and the feeling seems mutual. It is sad because he seems like a good kid.
  • Time to serve! The veal is a hit, but the Brussels sprouts and black eyed peas are a miss.
  • The red team’s dish seems to be an overall hit, but the steaks are cooked inconsistently.
  • The relish is under seasoned again, causing everyone to fall behind.
  • The teams are in a rush to serve the rest of their food and making sure everything is cooked perfectly.
  • The Blue Team will now lose a member….and sadly, it is Starla.
  • The judges all promise to follow her career as they say goodbye!
  • More next week–stay tuned!
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