Masterchef Junior 9 Finale Part 2 Recap

Masterchef Junior 9 Finale Part 2 Recap

Masterchef Junior 9 Finale Part 2 Recap

-We are at the second part of the Masterchef Junior finale! Who will win? We are about to find out!

-The entree round is over and it is time to present the plates to the judges.

-Michael’s halibut and veggies dish has beautifully cooked fish, but the carrots are a bit undercooked and the sauce is a little too acidic.

-Bryson’s wagyu filet mignon and squash puree is cooked to perfection, but the puree needs a bit more seasoning.

-Remy’s shrimp and grits are phenomenal.

-Dessert time! There is a mad dash to the pantry as the final three get their ingredients.

-Michael is taking big risks with his pound cake and ice cream….hopefully he finishes in time.

-The judges wonder if Remy’s brownie is too safe…they just hope that the rest of the dessert stands out.

-Bryce is making mousse with chocolate and ganache and crust. The judges hope it sets perfectly because it is a hard dish to make.

-Michael’s cakes are still raw, setting him back. Daphne gives him a pep talk and helps him calm down.

-Bryson’s ganache is too thin, so he has to adjust it to make it work.

-Remy runs into problems with her toppings and breaks part of her dessert. Luckily, she is able to fix it.

-Michael’s cakes are all different sizes due to him adjusting it after some of them were raw.

-Bryson adds edible gold and flowers to his dessert…….that is impressive.

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-Time to present the desserts.

-Remy’s brownie with raspberry, mousse and hazelnut crunch is a bit rich, but delicious.

-Bryson’s peanut butter mousse crunch cake looks incredible (despite some teeny mistakes) and tastes even better.

-Michael’s olive oil cake and cream fraiche ice cream isn’t quite up to par in terms of looks. The cake has good flavor but is a bit dry. However, the ice cream is delicious.

-The judges deliberate and announce that the Masterchef Junior winner is……BRYSON!!!

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