Masterchef Junior 9 Recap for Finale Part 1

Masterchef Junior 9 Recap for Finale Part 1

Masterchef Junior 9 Recap for Finale Part 1

-It is night one of the Masterchef Junior finale on Fox. Before we begin, we get a look at Michael, Remy and Bryce’s journeys.

-The contestants need to make a meal with a special theme, containing an appetizer, entree and dessert.

-They will need to flambe their appetizer as part of the challenge.

-Everyone gets to work with the eliminated kids cheering them on and the judges giving commentary.

-Remy does her flambe early to get it out of the way, earning cheers from the audience.

-Michael makes a crab bisque with flambéed shallots and caviar.

-Bryson makes hush puppies with a rum and tomato sauce. He quips that his dad cooks….and his mom does not.

-Remy makes a stripped sea bass with a salad and mimosa vinaigrette.

-Bryson flambés his dish with minutes to spare.

-The final three all seem very confident in their dishes thus far.

-I must have missed Michael’s flambe….or it went way too quickly.

-Before long, time is up and it is time to taste the appetizers.

-Bryson’s hush puppies with prawns is well-cooked, delicious and plated beautifully.

-Remy’s striped sea bass with crab, salad and mimosa vinaigrette is cooked beautifully and tastes even better.

-Michael’s crab bisque is delicious, especially with the addition of caviar.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay says some of the dishes were better than the ones cooked by adults.

-Entree time! Michael is making halibut, Bryson is making filet mignon and Remy is making shrimp and grits. All of them will add sides to their dishes and have one hour to complete it.

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-Once again, the former contestants cheer them on, along with their families. The judges continue to offer commentary.

-These kids are so creative with their dishes….Remy’s shrimp pool arrangement? That is genius.

-The kids continue to cook….but we need to wait until next week to see how it all goes and who wins. Stay tuned!

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