Young Sheldon Recap for 11/12/2020

The show opens with Sheldon giving a top five news list and sharing it with his mom. This leads to him finding a job offer for the train store and telling Mary about it. She isn’t sure he can do it due to his age, however, he says he can wear people down and he has a high school diploma. He calls to inquire and Adult Sheldon says that he got the job after 45 minutes.


Missy and George prepare to leave for a softball game. Mary packs their lunches with two fruit roll ups each. Missy and Sheldon snark at each other and are told to be nice. Mary says she plans on cleaning that day, causing George to be snarky and saying they will all do things they love.


MeeMaw drives Sheldon to work. She says she should be thanking him to avoid going to Missy’s game. Sheldon meets his boss and asks if he gets an Ask Me button. As his boss goes to get it, he tells MeeMaw train trivia, but not before she donates. He annoys her, so she wants her money back. Sheldon gets his button and begins trading train trivia with his boss.


Mary begins cleaning when Georgie leaves for work. He says he will be home for supper. Once he is gone, Mary says her day off begins.


Missy tells George she is glad he is driving her because then she can spit at the game. He says she can spit whenever she wants. She tries to do it in the car, but he stops her. She then asks to stop at a bathroom. George tells her she should have gone at home, but she has to go again. She ends up taking awhile….because she gets her first period, causing both her and George to freak out.

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George wants to call Mary, but Missy just wants to go to the drugstore. She tells him not to panic.


Sheldon opens the train museum, but finds it anticlimactic since no one is there.


Mary is watching Roadhouse and is caught by Georgie. He is shocked she is watching an R rated movie and calls her out on it. She wants to know how he knows and he says it is for violence, drugs and sexual content.


Missy and George arrive at the drug store. He gives her money for what she needs, but she is too embarrassed to go in and makes him go in, despite his own embarrassment.


Sheldon begins working, but annoys people with his trivia and upsets his boss by correcting him in front of tourists.


Georgie continues to tease Mary about the movie, leading them to bond over it. He thinks it is awesome she likes that movie.


George tries to buy every feminine hygiene product on the shelf, causing the female cashier to help him.


Sheldon ends up getting fired from his job because he is being obnoxious. He tries to argue his point with his boss (after his idea of sending a memo is shot down) and tells MeeMaw in the car that he had his Ask Me button taken away…without being asked.


MeeMaw asks Sheldon to get her yarn and gives him a lesson on their pluses and minuses in mind numbing detail….but not before he warns her about knitting and driving.

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George gives Missy her stuff and sends her to Gretchen the cashier for help.


Mary and Georgie bond over the movie over dinner. He thinks George would love this about her and she tells him they saw Mad Mex twice and they even took Georgie once when they couldn’t get a sitter. She admits she didn’t want anyone knowing she liked these movies because she thought it made her a bad Christian. Georgie tells her she needs to see Die Hard 2 before fixing it.


MeeMaw and Sheldon get home, still talking about yarn. He is still being obnoxious, so she slams the door in his face.


Missy strikes a kid out at the game. George cheers her on, prompting a woman to ask if that is his little girl. He says that it is his little lady….well sometimes due to her spitting.


The show ends with George watching McGyver and Mary suggesting they watch Road House. However, she changes her mind when George points out that Georgie looks like Patrick Swayze.


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