Young Sheldon Recap for A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture

Young Sheldon Recap for A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture

Young Sheldon Recap for A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture

The episode opens with Sheldon planning everything does before he leaves for CalTech. Missy snarks that it is too late for her to pretend to like him, while Mary wants to take a family photo. Missy is against this, as is George, but Mary insists it will happen.


George meets with his boss, who says there is a job opportunity for him in Houston. After a little back and forth, George decides to look into it. They shake on it, with the boss saying he always believed in him. George reminds him about the time he was fired, but the boss says he is ruining a nice moment.


Sheldon meets with Nathan for one of his last times in the comic store. As he decides what to buy and wonders if there are comic book stores in SoCal, Nathan gives him tips to fit in. He says he will see him around, but Adult Sheldon says they never saw each other again.


George talks to Mary about the job and she says they should go for it since Sheldon is leaving, Missy is going to start a new school and Georgie is out of the house. She says they can find ways to see everyone and it looks like they are moving to Houston.


That night, they tell the family about the news. Missy is excited about a new school, while Mandy is upset about losing babysitters. MeeMaw reminds them that they still have her, but Georgie tells her that her bedtime is earlier than CeeCee’s. She argues that is only when she drinks.

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Sheldon gets upset with this change and storms off to his room, only to get yelled out by his parents. They remind him that not everything is about him and make him go back to the dinner table.


Sheldon meets with Tam and complains about his family moving. Tam tries to tell him about possibly getting married, but Sheldon as no interest. He also runs into his old teachers, including the librarian and Mr. Givens, both of whom he insults. Mr. Givens tells his new class that Sheldon will either change the world….or blow it up.


Dale makes fun of MeeMaw’s outfit for the picture and she wonders if he wants to be in it. He says not with his allergies.


Sheldon visits MeeMaw and tries to talk her into buying the Cooper home. Despite her complaints, which upset Dale, she wants to stay with him.

He then tries to convince Georgie and Mandy and President Hagemeyer, but no one is interested. President Hagemeyer asks if he is scared about moving and tells him it is normal to have complicated feelings. He wonders if he should go to CalTech at all, but she convinces him it is for the best, sending him off before she cries. As he leaves, she continues her countdown of him leaving.


Mary and George show off the house, which includes Missy reading the Bible and Sheldon in a hazmat suit, claiming the house is radioactive.


George is on the roof, trying to see if it needs to be fixed when Georgie comes out to help. The two of them banter as Georgie tells George he is going to be rich.

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Sheldon tries to talk to Missy about moving and asks if she is nervous. She says she is excited because it is a fresh start and wonders if he is the one that is nervous. She predicts he will be fine and will make lots of friends and even meet a weird girlfriend.


Sheldon, Missy and Mary eat breakfast together while Mary reminds them about the picture. George leaves for work, offering Missy a ride, but she says she will take the bus.


As everyone gets ready for the picture, Mary wonders why George isn’t home yet. At that moment, Wayne and the principal come to the door to say George had a heart attack and died. The family sobs as the episode comes to a shocking close.

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