The Bachelor Recap for the Week of 2/12/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 2/6/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 2/6/2024

-Another week, more dates, more roses and more drama… we go!

-Group date 1:  Edwina, Kelsey A, Lexi, Allison, Madina, Chrissa, Lea, Sydney and Maria are on this date with the clue I am looking for my Mrs. Right.

-Maria and Sydney still have beef, so there will be a lot of drama.

-The date is in a movie theatre with the Golden Bachelorettes–ASKN–April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy.

-They do a pageant judged by Joey and ASKN, which is exactly what we have seen in the past from other ladies.

-Lexi wins because she is the world’s best kisser. Or something. It is lame….they seriously need more exciting, newer date ideas.

-Afterward, Joey mingles with the girls and makes out with several of them. There is a lot of jealousy over the pageant and of course drama with Sydney and Maria….and I have no idea what to say about any of it.

-Madina whines about her age and the girls commenting that she ‘isn’t that old.’ Again, why do we rehash the same shit over and over?

-Joey calls the women out about the drama….which is smart, but can make things worse for the women in the long run because they will blame each other and accuse each other of tattling.

-Well, that was a while lot of nothing….we just said he doesn’t like drama? ::headdesk::

-Kelsey gets the rose.

-As soon as he leaves, the women–namely, Sydney, Madina and Maria fight over Age-Gate. I’m already over it and we are three episodes in.

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-Jenn gets the one-on-one date. Everyone else is on the second group date.

-The date consists of surfing, making out and opening up to each other about parents, past relationships and the like. She gets a rose and a light show asking her to accept said rose. That is the entire date in a nutshell.

-Evalin, Kelsey T., Starr , Rachel, Jess, Katelyn, Autumn and Daisy are on this date. Thanks again, Reality Steve! 

-They play tennis with James Blake and Pam Shriver judging.

-They all wear silly costumes with Evalin and Kelsey winning….dressed as a lobster and butter.

-Lather, rinse, repeat with the mingling and making out afterward.

-Katelyn gets the rose.

-The next day is a pool party with KFC. Now I want KFC.

-What should have been a lovely day is ruined because of the Sydney/Maria drama, leading to the party being cancelled.



-Lexi–pageant winner

-Lea–ATFR girl

-Kelsey T–second Kelsey

-Madina–involved in Age-Gate

-Daisy–interesting TikTok about cochlear implant journey

-Jess–no clue

-Edwina–wearing a cute dress


-Allison–one of the sisters

-Maria–involved in Age-Gate


Final Rose:




-Starr–we hardly knew thee

-Evalin–won the tennis game

-Chrissa–no idea


More next week, stay tuned….as Jesse enjoys the leftover KFC.

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