The Bachelor Recap for the Week of 2/12/2024

The Bachelor Recap for the Week of 2/12/2024

The Bachelor Recap for the Week of 2/12/2024

-This week, Joey and the ladies are in Malta!

-Lexi gets the first one-on-one. She is excited to get to know him better and share her story.

-They explore the city….eating, drinking and shopping, all while enjoying each other’s company. They also visit a beautiful church, where they talk to a priest about love and marriage.

-Jenn, Daisy, Edwina, Katelyn, Allison, Rachel, Autumn, Madina, Jess, Lea and both Kelseys are on the date. Maria and Sydney will be on the dreaded two-on-one date.

-The Maria/Sydney drama is still happening in a big way, which is annoying and petty at this point. The women are pressured into being Team Sydney or Team Maria.

-Lexi and Joey meet for dinner, where she talks about her stage 5 endometriosis battle. I feel bad that she suffers from this, but I am glad she is talking about it because it brings more awareness and might help other ladies who are also suffering/trying to get diagnosed.

-Joey is so sweet trying to understand her health issues, as well as the reality that she might not be able to have children.

-Lexi gets a rose.

-The group date has the ladies on a Game of Thrones type date, right down to where parts of the show were filmed.

-They battle, they get sausages in their faces (what? I don’t get it?) and kiss Joey.

-There is a random cat at the after party because of course there is.

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-Joey mingles with the girls, kissing them and getting to know them better.

-Kelsey T gets the group date rose.

-As Maria and Sydney leave for their two-on-one, there is tension in the air. The other ladies debate on which girl is better for Joey and who is really at fault in this fight.

-The date is the women fighting, sniping at each other and complaining to Joey. If I were him, I’d send them both home with no rose.

-Joey listens to both sides and sends Sydney home, giving Maria the rose.

-The cocktail consists of the women bonding with Joey while still harping on the drama with Maria, Sydney and Madina….who is now back in the mix for who knows what reason.

-Cue a lot of crying over matters that should have been settled days ago.

-Lea talks to Madina about the whole situation, making matters worse…..then goes to talk to Joey about it.


-Maria is in tears over the whole situation.

-Lea continues to tattle to Joey.



-Kelsey A, Katelyn, Daisy, Rachel, Jenn, Autumn, Jess, Madina and (the final rose tonight) Lea all get roses.

-Edwina and Allison are eliminated.

-Off to Andaluisa!

-Kelsey A gets a date, which upsets Kelsey T, who wants more time with Joey.

-Back to the date. They take in the city, eating, drinking and talking to locals, while getting to know each other better.

-At dinner, they talk about their lives, families and the death of her mother. He listens and gives her the rose after comforting her.

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-Lexi, Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Maria, Katelyn, Madina, Lea, Jess and Kelsey T are all on this date. Rachel has the one on one.

-Lea is upset about not getting a one on one and having to spend time with Maria. She is probably regretting getting rid of her steal a date card now, huh?

-The group date has them expressing how they feel about Joey through painting and then presenting it to him.

-After mingling at the after party, Maria gets the group date rose. I am so over the drama and whining that I tuned out the party.

-Lea is throwing a hissy fit.

-Rachel and Joey take a dance class, which is probably the most fun date we have seen so far. I love flamenco dancing, so this is awesome to watch.

-The two of them bond over dinner and she gets a rose.

-These dates are boring AF.

-Cocktail party. More drama, whining and bonding with Joey.

-Jess has a meltdown.


-Jenn, Kelsey T, Daisy, Lea, Lexi, Katelyn and (final rose tonight) Jess get roses.

-Autumn and Madina are eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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