Lisa Rinna and Delilah Hamlin Get Lifetime Movie

Lisa Rinna and Delilah Hamlin Get Lifetime Movie

Lifetime has announced the greenlight for the provocative new original movie Mommy Meanest, executive produced and starring Lisa Rinna along with Briana Skye and Rinna’s real-life daughter, Delilah Hamlin. Inspired by actual events, the movie tells the shocking story of a teenage girl with a history of emotional trauma who is relentlessly cyberbullied, only to discover the culprit behind the horrific texts is her very own mother. Mommy Meanest is set to premiere later this year on Lifetime.


Divorced mother Madelyn (Rinna) and her daughter Mia (Briana Skye) have always had a tight bond.  But when Mia starts spending more time with her new boyfriend and is on the verge of leaving for college, Madelyn is panicked by her emerging independence.  When Mia starts to receive a barrage of degrading texts, as a protective mother, Madelyn is determined to find out who is harassing her daughter and will do anything to help her, bringing them closer together again.  As the hundreds of texts become more threatening, Mia begins to wonder if her tormentor is someone closer than she could have ever imagined. Delilah Hamlin appears in the movie as Mia’s friend Summer. This will mark this first time Rinna and Hamlin have appeared in a movie together.


Mommy Meanest is produced for Lifetime by Stalking Productions in association with Johnson Production Group. Lisa Rinna and Stacy Mandelberg are executive producers. Produced by Navid Soofi. Greg Beeman (Murdaugh Murders: The Movie) directs from a script written by Gregg McBride (Would You Kill for Me? The Mary Bailey Story).


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