Snake Oil Recap for 10/25/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/25/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/25/2023

-This week’s Snake Oil features Alex with Ice -T and Lance with Natasha Leggero.

-Alex and Ice-T look into Luggage Gone Wild and Alibi Agency. They watch the infomercials for each and question the inventors.

-They invest $6,000 in Luggage Gone Wild, giving Lance and Natasha the chance to poach Alibi Agency.

-Alibi Agency is SNAKE OIL!!!

-Lance and Natasha did not poach Alibi Agency, but David Spade did take a business card.

-Lance and Natasha consider That’s What She Said and Sick Buddy. After seeing the infomercials and interrogating the inventors, they invest $8,000 in That’s What She Said, with Alex and Ice-T being given the chance to poach in Sick Buddy.

-That’s What She Said is SNAKE OIL!!!!

-Alex and Ice-T poached for $5,000.

-Lance and Natasha choose to learn more about Frank’s Angry Art and Rainbow Luv Pets. After watching the infomercials and questioning the inventors, they invest in Rainbow Luv Pets.

-Alex and Ice-T choose Yummy Covers and Candwich. After the usual infomercial watching and questioning, they invest in Yummy Covers.

-Yummy Covers is SNAKE OIL!!!

-Rainbow Luv Pets is REAL and sends Lance and Natasha to the Snake Pit!

-Lance and Natasha decide to check out all five products.

-Defender Bro is REAL!

-Moss Mat is REAL!

Clean Up on Aisle Wine is REAL!

-Kanso Dryer is SNAKE OIL!!!

-Selfie Feet is REAL!!

-Lance and Natasha win the bank!

-More next week, stay tuned!

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