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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for Gin and Bear It

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for Gin and Bear It

  • Lisa complaining about Whitney and Angie to John was hilarious….especially since he looked like he was listening to the adults on the Charlie Brown cartoons.
  • Mary really shouldn’t have told the story of the woman dying in front of the kids like that.
  • Why did Mary end the story of the woman dying by saying she was so excited to be at Whitney’s? That was so….strange and inappropriate.
  • Congratulations to Ashley on getting into her dream school!
  • Brooks treats Meredith so well. I love how he helps her walk in the snow.
  • My heart breaks for Brooks and how badly he was so bullied. He is right though, his voice was taken away and nobody has the right to do that.
  • I am sorry you saw my…GG, that makes it sound better….um, WHAT?
  • I think Jen is sorry, but is really bad at articulating what she says.
  • Salt Lake guy’s night can rival New Jersey guy’s night…..better yet, they should do an all stars househusbands with all of them….plus Maurico and PK from RHOBH.
  • Jennie and Whitney’s friendship is so sweet and realistic.
  • I would definitely be Heather and Meredith drinking and eating during the ski trip.
  • Capri Suns and condoms? Is Heather trying to be Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls?
  • Heather is WAY too obsessed with her daughters having sex.
  • You can’t spell new beginnings without  G-I-N! That is my new favorite quote.
  • Did they each get an entire bottle of gin?
  • This is the most awkward drink and dessert meet up I have ever witnessed.
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More next week, stay tuned!

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