The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Snark and Highlights for 1/23/2024

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Snark and Highlights for 1/23/2024

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Snark and Highlights for 1/23/2024


-Meredith shaking butter during the argument flashback was hysterical….and oddly on brand for her.

-Why would you have glam on retainer every single day? I like makeup and looking pretty too, but I would never….

-Die in glam draped in diamonds….oh, Baby Gorgeous….this is why we love you.

-Monica’s Lisa impression is so spot on….despite all her problematic ways, Monica did provide some funny moments this season.

-These impressions……I can’t with this reunion.

-We are already getting rid of Mary in this reunion? We need more of her one-liners and sass.

-Will the real Monica please stand up?

-This flashback from Bermuda still gives me chills.

-Andy is nice enough to give Monia a chance to explain herself.

-Monica didn’t start or create Reality Von Tease, but posted stuff…..all after the whole Jen debacle happened in order to expose how she treated employees. That…..kind of makes sense in a weird way, but still not okay. How the stuff about the other ladies got posted is also wrong…but is there is really no proof if it is Monica? Could have it been one of the other alleged people? I am not defending Monica in any way but is there any proof of which stuff she posted? Also, we should know who else is involved….none of this bleeping out names stuff.

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-Now, did RVT post the Heather thing or was it something Jen said that they reposted to show how terrible she is to people? That is what is confusing me. I am on Heather’s side with being pissed and finding the post disgusting, but I am confused about the context of the post….are they agreeing with Jen or exposing her? Either way, it never should have been posted or reposted or anything like that.

-Monica pulled out a Burn Book….which is more or less a copycat of the Mean Girls Burn Book…..minus someone making out with a hot dog.

-Wait, there is RVT stuff in there too? This Burn Book is an epic fail. Sorry, Monica.

-Wait, Meredith complimented the page? WTF is happening right now?

-This whole RVT exposure and retaliation is……not the flex we thought it was going to be after the finale. They are more or less like ‘you’re mean!’ no, you are!’ over and over again.

-WAIT, HOLD THE PHONES……MONICA PUT SECURITY CAMERAS IN JEN’S HOUSE TO GET DIRT ON HER? WTF? Is that how she got information on the other ladies too?

-The phone and video recordings of Monica stalking Jen…..WTF is happening, I am SCREAMING!!!!

-The FBI told her to do this? Drinking and driving? WTF? The FBI sent Monica to prove Jen was drinking and driving? I can’t….breathe….

-There is a Burn Book because the other ladies are mean….okay then.

-Andy…..she is in her house….not drinking and driving.

-Andy is giving no fucks at this point. He is also claiming not to know anything about Monica prior….but apparently she did tell a producer?

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-Segue into a Greek Mafia rumor…..smooth, Andy, smooth.

-This whole bankruptcy, Greek Mafia, DM crap is so confusing since they can’t stick to one topic…..take it one at a time so it makes sense.

-Andy is like….I am so over this shit…..


-Jen gave her the black eye…..and neither one knows how it happened? But Heather was willing to cover for her since she was too scared to say anything….did we not get an answer?

-Okay, some secret footage…..they planned on a cover up all along…..

-Heather lied all through her book tour and made up random stories?


-Heather is giving us nothing…..she lied so much…..and claims it was a joke?

-She accused a producer too? WTF?

-Heather says Jen was never her friend and is still covering for her and lying…..I understand her…..if you are in an abusive situation, you lie and protect to protect yourself.

-We still know nothing about the black eye.

-Can we get this black eye bullshit on Unsolved Mysteries?

-Monica brings up a very weird, yet valid point about the trauma she and Heather had from Jen.

-Whitney is so sweet hugging Heather.

-Heather is becoming so relatable right now coming out with how she felt so controlled by Jen…..she was in an abusive situation and now she is coming out on the other side.

-No one trusts Monica…..that’s what we got from this past 30 minutes?

-Warm fuzzies and cold pricklies from this season….is this sixth grade home ec. class again? Seriously, we did warm fuzzies for….I still don’t know why after :cough30yearscough::

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-That is a wrap for season……more next season, baby gorgeouses!!!!



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