The Amazing Race Recap for 12/6/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 12/6/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 12/6/2023

This is the penultimate episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race. They use the Expedia app to book their trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Everyone is on the same flight, so it makes the playing field a bit more even.


Once they arrive, they must head to Castle Rock School and receive their next clue from a buoy….in frigid waters.


Steve and Anna Leigh get lost on the drive to the destination and end up fighting again.


The other teams arrive and get their clues one by one. Corey and Rob are in the lead, with Joel and Garrett hot on their heels.


Greg and John are in third place.


Once the teams get the next clue, they head to Gaiety Theatre.


Steve and Anna Leigh finally get to the destination, but Steve struggles with the swimming.


Greg and John stop to ask for directions, putting them behind. It allows Steve and Anna Leigh the chance to catch up. This is short lived when they also stop for directions. Greg and John get lost.


Roadblock! One team member must do an Irish Riverdance for 30 seconds.


Corey completes it for his team and seems to enjoy it….and getting to know his dance partner. Joel, Steve and John also complete the Roadblock for their respective teams.


Corey finishes after two tries and heads to Croke Park with Rob. John follows after his own two attempts.

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Joel and Steve struggle. It takes them both eight tries to complete it.


Roadblock 2! The teams must choose one member to play hurling, which is a popular sport in Ireland.  Corey completes it right away and before anyone else gets to the location.


The next clue has them heading to Toners Pub to recite a series of James Joyce quotes they must memorize.


Greg and John arrive, with Greg doing the Roadblock.  Joel and Garrett arrive soon after and Garrett completes it for his team.


Anna Leigh and Steve get lost again.


Greg and Garrett complete their Roadblocks and head to Toners Pub for the James Joyce quote challenge.


Steve and Anna Leigh finally arrive to the hurling Roadblock, with Steve completing it.


Rob and Corey pass the quote challenge and head to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral for the pit stop. The are in first place and win a trip to Fiji.


Greg and John struggle with the quotes, but get it on their second attempt and become the second team to check in.


Joel and Garrett also take two attempts to complete the quote challenge and come in third place.


Anna Leigh and Steve manage to complete the quote challenge on their first attempt, but check in last and are eliminated.


Finale next week, stay tuned.

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