The Amazing Race Recap for 11/22/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/22/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/22/2023

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Congress Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The teams head there one by one in the order they finished the previous leg. Once they all arrive, they get a Roadblock.


One member of each team must deliver a dozen wooden items. John, Todd and Corey are the first to begin.


Corey and Rob decide to save their Express Pass for the time being.


As John completes the Roadblock, Joel and Garrett arrive, with Joel taking on the task.


Robbin and Chelsea and Steve and Anna Leigh finally begin the leg and reflect on their time on the show. Chelsea and Anna Leigh do the Roadblocks for their respective teams.


Once Todd finishes, he and Ashlie get the next clue, which takes them to Pivka Jama. Corey is not too far behind, with Anna Leigh and Chelsea quickly catching up. However, Chelsea must go back when she discovers she forgot the rolling pin.


Todd gets lost on his way to Pivka Jama. As they try to get situated, Greg and John and Rob and Corey arrive and go inside the caves. The next clue has them put together a dragon. Anna Leigh and Steve soon join them after passing Joel and Garrett on the road.


Before long, Joel and Garrett and Todd and Ashlie arrive at the caves to begin building their own dragons. Robbin and Chelsea miss the entrance to the caves and must double back.

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Greg and John finish the dragon and head to Fonda Fish Farm. Corey and Rob, Steve and Anna Leigh and Joel and Garrett are hot on their heels.


Detour! Scrape Off has them clean two fish farming rings. Swap Out has them kayak to two marked buoys and switch them out in order to collect mussels.


Todd and Ashlie finish the dragon as Robbin and Chelsea arrive.

Steve and Anna Leigh choose Scrape Off, while the other teams choose Swap Out. Greg and John remain in the lead, while Corey and Rob forget mussels on the first buoy.


John and Greg finish and head to the Pit Stop at Grad Socerb. However, they didn’t being the replacement buoy or collect the mussels. They must head back and fix this.


Joel and Garrett and Steve and Anna Leigh continue to work on their Detours while Todd and Ashlie drive Fonda Fish Farm and Robbin and Chelsea continue to finish the dragon build.


Rob and Corey switch Detours and get advice from Anna Leigh after she and Steve finish their own. Joel and Garrett finish their Detour.


Rob and Corey wonder if they should use the Express Pass, but end up not needing to since they are able to finish the Detour.


Todd and Ashlie finally arrive at the Detour. They begin with the Scrape Off but end up switching due to struggling with their initial choice.


Greg and John are team #1 and win $5000 each.

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Joel and Garrett are team #2.

Steve and Anna Leigh are team #3.

Rob and Corey are team #4.


Todd and Ashlie finally finish their detour and are team #5.


Robbin and Chelsea finally get to the Detour and complete the Swap Out one….but are the last team to check in and are eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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