The Amazing Race Recap for 10/4/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/4/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/4/2023

This week is the second leg of CBS’s The Amazing Race. The teams will remain in Thailand and head to Nakhon Pathom, where they must find Wat Suwannaram.


The teams leave one by one based on the order they ended up at the pit stop. Morgan and Lena still have their Express Pass, but only have until week 4 to use it….so they are hoping to hold onto it until it is necessary to use.


Roadblock! The teams must collect lotus bulbs and make bundles in order to receive the next clue. As Jocelyn and Rob take on the task for their respective teams, Greg and John are taken to the wrong location and get lost. They finally get there but are behind several other teams.


The remaining teams slowly make it to the Roadblock, minus Yeremi and Liam, who got lost. They finally make it there but are very behind.


Jocelyn struggles with getting the bulbs wrapped together, but finally gets it finished properly, allowing her and Victor to be the first to get the next clue. Rob and Corey are not too far behind.


Many of the other teams struggle with the Roadblock, especially Robbin and Chelsea and Malania and Andrea also struggle, which causes them to fall farther behind.


Next Clue! The teams must head to Wat Rai Khing.


Detour! The teams can either Stock Up by going to a marketplace and find items with a shopping list using a basket and handcart or Scoop Up, which has them loading and unloading a boat with pomelos.

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Greg finishes the Roadblock, thanks to hearing mistakes other teams made.


One by one, the other teams finish the Roadblock and head to the Detours. Joel and Garrett start to head to the Detour but must turn around when they realize they left their fanny packs behind.


Jocelyn and Victor, Todd and Ashlie, Elizabeth and Iliana and Andrea and Malania choose Stock Up, while Corey and Rob, Morgan and Lena, John and Greg, Steve and Annaleigh, Joe and Ian, Liam and Yeremi, Joel and Garrett and Robbin and Chelsea choose Scoop Up.


Jocelyn and Victor finish the Detour and go to Suan Sampran, which is the pit stop! They are team number one and win $2000 each.

Rob and Corey are the next to arrive as team number two, followed by Greg and John.

Morgan and Lena are in 4th place, with Todd and Ashlie, Steve and Annaleigh, Joe and Ian, Liam and Yeremi, Joel and Garrett and Andrea and Malania not too far behind.


It is now between Robbin and Chelsea and Elizabeth and Ilania….one team will remain in the race, while the other one will be eliminated. In the end, it is Robbin and Chelsea who make it to the Pit Stop first, with Iliana and Elizabeth being eliminated.


Pit Stop!

  1. Jocelyn and Victor—win $2000 each
  2. Rob and Corey
  3. Greg and John
  4. Morgan and Lena
  5. Todd and Ashlie
  6. Steve and Annaleigh
  7. Joe and Ian
  8. Liam and Yeremi
  9. Joel and Garrett
  10. Andrea and Malanie
  11. Chelsea and Robbin
  12. Iliana and Elizabeth—Eliminated
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More next week, stay tuned!

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