Lego Masters Recap for 11/16/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/16/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/16/2023


This week’s Lego Masters on Fox has the remaining teams use two different builds to make a racecar. The initial builds will be smashed and the Legos will be used for the racecars….and ONLY these Legos. They will not be allowed to be use anything else.


Will Arnett hosts, Amy and Jamie, our resident Brickmasters, judge.


Once the build is over, there will be a race…with the winners being sent to the top two.


Luis and Alex make a Croqueta Truck.


Will puts caution tape around the Lego Box so nobody will take any forbidden Legos.


Emilee and Kelly make a bee-icle…a vehicle shaped like a bee.


Neena and Sam make The Green Machine—which is a hippie-ish garbage truck.


Christopher and Robert make a Shark Mobile.


Did they not show us Nealita and Paul’s build?


TWIST!!! The winning car will also be featured in a new Lego video game.


As always, the judges and Will walk around, give commentary and banter with the teams.


Kelly and Emilee worry since they need more pieces and cannot use the Lego box for more.


Robert and Christopher test their build out….and may have broken it. However, only parts of it fall off, but it is still stressful enough to have them worry about going home.


Before long, it is time for each team to present their builds. Will, Amy and Jamie give the pros and cons of each before the race begins.

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Christopher and Robert have the best build and get the pole position. Now it is time to race with the winner getting into the Lego 2K video game.


Okay, it looks like Nealita and Paul have some sort of truck. Why weren’t they featured?


The race is crazy to watch with Christopher crashing into Emily…and Neena and Sam giving sassy commentary.


Christopher and Robert are in first place, followed by Nealita and Paul, Sam and Neena, Emilee and Kelly and Luis and Alex.


Christopher and Robert are going to be featured in the video game…..winning the build and the race competitions.


Luis and Alex and Emilee and Kelly are in the bottom two, with Luis and Alex going home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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