Lego Masters Finale Recap for 12/14/2023

Lego Masters Finale Recap for 12/14/2023

Lego Masters Finale Recap for 12/14/2023

Tonight is the season four finale for Lego Masters on Fox. Will Arnett is hosting, Amy and Jamie are judging.

The winners will not only win $100,000 prize, and a trophy, but head to Denmark to work with Amy, Jamie and Legos HQ  to turn their build into a Lego set for people to buy.

The final three teams—Sam and Neena, Paul and Nealita and Robert and Christopher—will have 24 hours to build from the heart and make something everyone will fall in love with.


Neena and Sam make a family community tree that they hope will bring people together.


As each team builds, we get a look back on their journeys.


Paul and Nealita make a Christmas Eve themed build that is based on their own holiday traditions.


Robert and Christopher make a land of dreams based on their travel adventures.


As always, Will, Amy and Jamie walk around and give advice and commentary to each team.


The clock stops and each team gets reunited with their loved ones. After a happy reunion and lots of hugs, they all find out the winning build will be displayed in the flagship store in NYC.


Christopher and Robert run into some trouble with the wings of their build, but find a way to work around it to make it work.


Paul and Nealita are behind, worrying Will, Amy and Jamie. Things only get worse when their build begins breaking in the last hour. Luckily, they are able to get things under control in time.

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Before long, time is up and it is time for the builds to be judged. They each tell the story behind the build while the judges give the pros and cons of each.


After the judges and Will deliberate, they announce that the team in third place is Paul and Nealita.

Second place: Sam and Neena



Congratulations on winning season four! That is a wrap for this season!

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