Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/31/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/31/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/31/2023

It is another POV night on CBS’s Big Brother 25. When we last left the houseguests, Matt put Felicia and Cirie on the block. He thinks he made his loyalties clear, but wants Cirie to stay because she is more likely to have his back. Jag disagrees and wants Cirie gone.


Matt tells Felicia she is a pawn and he plans to backdoor Bowie….and if that doesn’t work, then Cirie is the target. Cirie, for her part, gives Matt the silent treatment.


Felicia isn’t happy with the new alliance and how they are hiding in the HOH room.


Jag and Bowie discuss a final two deal. She would rather go with him than Matt since she doesn’t see herself beating him in the final two due to him keeping his hands clean thus far.


Felicia hopes Bowie gets backdoored, but thinks the final four deal she had is over since she was initially put on the block. Bowie and Jag plan on getting rid of Cirie since she is a bigger threat.


Veto Comp in Scary-verse!


They must build an antenna with discs in a swap. The first to stack 25 on the floating base first wins.

It is a tough, challenging comp, but in the end Jag wins again…without dropping a single disc.


Felicia feels better since she thinks Bowie is getting backdoored. Cirie isn’t so sure this is going to happen. She knows Felicia is a target, but refuses to tell her. Bowie, Jag and Matt—aka the Mafia alliance, want the nominations to stay the same, but disagree as to which lady should go home.

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Matt promises Cirie she is safe, but she isn’t sure this is the case due to the way the alliance is working….and because she has a feeling that Jag and Bowie want her gone.


The houseguests go trick or treating with each other and the one with the most candy wins $5000. Jag throws the comp to avoid putting a target on his back. Cirie notices Bowie, Jag and Matt exchanging candy, making her suspicious. Felicia also notices this.


Matt wins the money.

Cirie and Jag talk, with them lying to each other about their gameplay.


The POV isn’t used and the nominations stay the same.


Eviction Thursday, stay tuned!

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