Dancing With the Stars Recap for 10/31/2023

Dancing With the Stars Recap for 10/31/2023

Dancing With the Stars Recap for 10/31/2023

It is Monster night on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars! The show will celebrate the spookiest time of year with new dances. Julianne Hough and Alfonso Ribero host, Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli judge. Niecy Nash Betts is a guest judge.


Celebrity: Jason Mraz

Claim to Fame: Grammy winning singer

Pro: Daniella: Karagach

Dance: Contemporary

Sammi: The zombie concept for this kind of dance is quite inventive and unique. I never would have thought of doing this, but somehow they made it work with a lot of amazing technique and creativity.

Derek: It was a fantastic way to begin the show.

Niecy: They did a beautiful job….and she wishes she could give them a Grammy or something.

Bruno: It was like a mini Gothic drama.

Carrie Ann: He is a chameleon with how he comes into character with his dances.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40


Celebrity: Alyson Hannigan

Claim to Fame: American Pie, Buffy and How I Met Your Mother

Pro: Sasha Farber

Dance: Paso Doble

Sammi: She looks like she is having the time of her life out there….the passion, the power, the floor spin…all of it came together in one incredible routine that shows that she might be one to watch out for!

Niecy: She loves the energy in the dance.

Bruno: It was a paso with bite….and a lot of content.

Carrie Ann: This was her best performance!

Derek: It was really good, despite having some mistakes.

Scores: 7-7-7-8=29/40


Celebrity: Xochitl Gomez

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Claim to Fame: Babysitters Club on Netflix, Marvel

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy

Dance: Contemporary

Sammi: That was INTENSE and complete perfection. There is nothing else to say.


Did she get hurt? I know her leg was wrapped, but Val had to carry her after the dance.


Bruno: It was so good, it could be a movie.

Carrie Ann: It was a powerful, wonderful dance.

Derek: It sent shivers down his spine.

Niecy: She is the perfect example of the show must go on!

Scores: 9-9-10-9=37/40


Celebrity: Harry Jowsey

Claim to Fame: Too Hot to Handle

Pro: Rylee Arnold

Dance: Argentine Tango

Sammi: LINDSAY!!! I never realized that the two of them looked so much alike…WOW.

The dance shows how much he has improved and grown as a dancer….everything came together tonight and he showed how much this means to him through the performance.

Carrie Ann: She is proud of him but gives him places to improve.

Derek: Focus on the fans and taking advantage of the space.

Niecy: She likes him and thinks he did well!

Bruno: He sees how hard he is working.

Scores: 7-7-7-7=28/40


Celebrity: Barry Williams

Claim to Fame: Brady Bunch

Pro: Peta Murgatroyd

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Sammi: That was such a cool dance…..every week he brings something different to the dance floor…it is almost like he uses method acting in his dancing to literally become the character.

Derek: The character took over a bit too much and caused him to lose content.

Niecy: She loved him tonight.

Bruno: He enjoyed it but gives pointers on where to improve.

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Carrie Ann: He connected with the audience.

Scores: 8-7-8-8=31/40



Celebrity: Ariana Madix

Claim to Fame: Vanderpump Rules

Pro: Pasha Pashkov

Dance: Argentine Tango

Sammi: WOW! Get it, girl! This is one of the top Argentine tangos we have seen on the show in a very long time. They are hot, on point with the technique and the power….I loved every minute.

Niecy: She is obsessed with it.

Bruno: She was terrific and brilliant.

Carrie Ann: She has what it takes to win it!

Derek: It was slinky, seductive and beautiful.

Scores: 9-9-9-10=37/40


Celebrity: Lele Pons

Claim to Fame: Social media star

Pro: Brandon Armstrong

Dance: Paso doble

Sammi: That was her best dance of the season. It is obvious that this means everything to her and she put her all into the performance.

Bruno: Now she is in business because she gained control.

Carrie Ann: She gives her places to improve.

Derek: She has power and attack, but needs more refinement.

Niecy: The footwork is beautiful but work on the arms.

Scores: 8-8-8-9=33/40


Celebrity: Maurico Umansky

Claim to Fame: RHOBH/Buying Beverly Hills

Pro: Emma Slater

Dance: Argentine tango

Sammi: He is another one who keeps improving with each passing week. While the dance is slower than other Argentine tangos we have seen, you can really see how his technique is better and he is focused on the dance.

Carrie Ann: He has come so far since week one.

Derek: He has come a long way in terms of dance and confidence.

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Niecy: He manhandled this woman.

Bruno: It wasn’t bad, but he gives him places to improve.

Scores: 8-8-7-8=31/40



Celebrity: Charity Lawson

Claim to Fame: Bachelor/Bachelorette

Pro: Artem Chigvintsev

Dance: Jive

Sammi: That was a fun way to end this round. She has so much spirit and excitement when she dances…which makes her technical performance that much better.

Derek: He loved it, but thinks he and Lele should work together because they have what each other needs.

Niecy: She wanted more attack.

Bruno: It was deliciously spooky fun.

Carrie Ann: It was beautifully done, but work on those legs.

Scores: 9-9-8-9=35/40


Dance off! They will dance the hustle and Charleston and couples will be kicked off one by one.


  1. Barry and Peta—1 extra point
  2. Harry and Rylee—1 extra point

7.Mauricio and Emma—2 extra points

  1. Alyson and Sasha—2 extra points
  2. Charity and Artem—3 extra points
  3. Jason and Daniella—3 extra points
  4. Lele and Brandon—4 extra points
  5. Ariana and Pasha—4 extra points
  6. Xochitl and Val—Winners!!!!—5 extra points



Results!!! Charity and Artem, Xochitl and Val, Ariana and Pasha, Jason and Daniella, Lele and Brandon and Barry and Peta are all safe.


Alyson and Sasha, Mauricio and Emma and Harry and Rylee are the maybe bottom three….with Maurico and Emma going home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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