The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for 11/5/2023

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for 11/5/2023

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for 11/5/2023

-The sitcom beginning was an epic way to kick off this season.

-All these clips for this upcoming season make me think that we are in for one heck of a ride.

-I know Robyn is in denial….but GIRL! Please let Juan go… are better than this.

-Candiace has Robyn’s number on this whole husband exposing scandal….don’t mess with a woman’s husband and not expect her to call yours out for his misdeeds.

-The Grande Dame is like the Alexis Carrington of Potomac….I love it….#IYKYK

Ashley’s sons are sooo cute and getting so big.

-Ashley’s house is gorgeous…I am so happy for her being a homeowner… or no, that is a big accomplishment.

-Gizelle’s boyfriend Jason is HOTTTTTTT….get it, girl.

-I am so with Gizelle on the not having her man in her face all the time….they have their space and enjoy each other’s company when they want to be together. That is the perfect relationship.

-Mia! Where were you hiding all episode, girl?

-Mia, your new place is still bigger than a lot of people have, you will be fine.

-That being said, it does suck being kicked out of the family business.

-Candiace and Chris being able to overcome last year’s drama is so admirable.

-Candiace’s headband looks like one of my old dance costume headpieces….but I kind of love it.

-Does anyone know where Candiace is touring? I would love to see her live.

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-When Candiace said chicken cutlets, it took me a minute to realize she meant those things you put in your bra to make your tits look bigger, not the food….but I am totally on board for having the latter with me if I ever go on tour because my mom and sister both make the best chicken cutlets ever. Now I want chicken cutlets.

-Do people really have bottles of champagne laying around? Asking for a…

-Robyn is in such denial about Juan….I feel bad for her because I went through it too…..but still, girl, please….for the sake of all things holy, listen to your friends.

-How is it not Juan’s fault? Did this woman force him to go to the nail salon?

-Robyn….sweetie, darling, I am telling you what I wish I knew when I was dealing with a cheating douchebag….he is not worth the denial and heartache…..listen to your friends and your gut. Stop degrading yourself in this relationship….you are a smart, beautiful, strong woman and worthy of more than this. I know you love him and you share children, but you deserve sooooo much more than this!!!!!!!

-These ladies may not be telling Robyn what she wants to hear, but they do seem to love her and have her back.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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