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Chantelle Albers: TVGrapevine’s Top Actress for 2023

Every year, TVGrapevine recognizes some of the top talent of the year. Between all the movies, books, television shows and all other mediums, we are in no shortage of incredible performances.
This year’s top actress is an incredible woman named Chantelle Albers. Fans remember her as Alice in this years critically acclaimed movie Two Sinners and a Mule, where she dominated the screen with her powerful performance. Alice is a woman who ends up working with a bounty hunter due to some unusual circumstances and faces incredible challenges and hardships along the way. Despite this, Alice powers on in a way to at keeps viewers captivated from start to finish.
In an interview with TVGrapevine, she admitted that it was quite a challenging role to play, especially since she is the type of actress who gets into the mind and personality of the character. And get into character she did! Chantelle not only managed to create the mannerisms of Alice, but she managed to do so in such a way that the viewer was able to see her AS Alice and not a character playing Alice. This is a rare gift and Chantelle possesses it in such a beautiful way.
Chantelle will continue to share her gift with the world as she takes on more incredible projects in the coming months. We look forward to seeing what she has to offer and are proud to crown her our top actress of the year.
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By Sammi Turano

Sammi has been a journalist for over a decade, specializing in entertainment, lifestyle, sports and celebrity news. She is the owner of TVGrapevine and Football in High Heels and the Host of Grapevine in High Heels With Sammi.

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