Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/11/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/11/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/11/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games is a special holiday special reuniting several past guests: Britney Hayes, Danielle Reyes, Taylor Hale, Frankie Grande, Josh Martinez, Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, Cameron Hardin and Xavier Prather.

They will all participate in three competitions per episode (for six episodes) and one person will be eliminated at the end of each one. The elimination will be determined by competing in Santa’s Showdown.

This was already filmed prior to the broadcast, so there will be no live feeds or live evictions.


Taylor arrives first, followed by Cody, Britney, Xavier and Danielle. Frankie arrives next, followed by Nicole, Josh and Cameron.


Santa arrives to explain the game. They will be playing for $100,000 and they will, as always have to expect the unexpected. There will be solo and team evictions. The final four will face off in a Reindeer Games competition for the win.


Danielle and Britney align and decide to target the stronger men, while trying to make amends with Nicole. Cody and Frankie plan on working together. Josh, Taylor, Xavier and Danielle are also working together. However, Danielle has her own plans to win….without her alliance.


Jordan Lloyd is in the house! She tells the houseguests their first challenge. They will be given clues for a Christmas song and the first to guess it correctly wins a prize.


Britney guesses correctly and gets the Naughty and Nice Power:  an advantage in the next challenge and the chance to punish another houseguest. She decides to give it to Cody….with the help of her fellow female houseguests, who also agree the guys need to go.

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Jordan returns to host the Jingle Bell Brawl, which will earn one member safety and also give them the power to help evict someone. The players have to deliver letters on a balance beam for Santa and put them in a mailbox, going back and forth with other players.  The first to deliver all the letters back and forth will win.


Cameron and Cody seem to be the biggest targets, with the girls putting several letters in their boxes. It is a bit confusing since it seems like they want them to have all the letters so they can’t re-deliver them all? It goes back and forth for awhile until Frankie is declared the winner.


Frankie must now pick two players to go to Santa’s Showdown with the loser being sent home.


Before making his picks, Cody and Frankie decide to bring Nicole into their alliance. They decide to target the strongest players for this challenge so they are out first.


Frankie talks to players to get ideas of who to put up. Cameron seems to be a target already and he suspects as much when Frankie talks to him about helping each other.


The more Frankie talks to people, the more he realizes that alliances are beginning to form. He tells this to Cody after Taylor suggests putting him in the showdown.


In the end, Cameron and Xavier are in the showdown because of Cameron getting the most letters in the box and Xavier putting said letters in his box.

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The showdown has them doing a 57-piece sweater shaped puzzle. The first to complete it wins. They work on their puzzles while the other players watch from the sidelines.


In the end, Xavier wins and Cameron is eliminated. He does get a gift from under the tree—a year’s supply of jelly?


More tomorrow, stay tuned!


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