ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) complaining about Missy (Raegan Revord) and Georgie (Montana Jordan) and says he is in the spotlight when it comes to academics.


Young Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is in a meeting with President Hagemeyer (Wendie Malick), where she is talking to him about a new child prodigy possibly joining the school. He says they don’t need another one, especially since it is his nemisis Paige. They continue to debate the issue.


Mary (Zoe Perry) drops Missy off at school and is a bit hurt that Missy covers her mouth to say ‘I love you’ so no one will see. As Missy leaves, Brenda (Melissa Peterman) comes to Mary’s car, showing off her new haircut. Mary compliments her and Brenda says it was her only new look option.  She says she briefly considered getting a thigh tattoo, but nobody is seeing her naked.


Later on, Mary goes to the hair salon and asks June (Reba McEntire) to do her hair. However, Mary chickens out on the haircut, but opens up to June about the troubles in her life.


After school, Sheldon tells MeeMaw (Annie Potts) about the possibility of Paige going to his school. She thinks it might be good because he will have a person his age there. However, he is not convinced. She assures him there is a possibility that she won’t even go to the school, so he decides to make the school seem as unappealing as possible.

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That night, Mary tells George (Lance Barber) about chickening out on her haircut. He seems confused and thinks he is falling into a trap no matter how he answers. They end up in a bit of an argument, leaving Mary very upset.


Sheldon goes to the office to meet Paige (McKenna Grace) and her mom (Andrea Anders). Paige acts like she is happy to see him and cannot wait to go on the tour.


During the tour, he makes things sound as unappealing as possible. She makes it clear it isn’t working because she has better offers and is only there because her mother is making her go. He gets upset that she has offers to more elite schools and spends the rest of the day brooding.


Sheldon tells Dr. Hagemeyer about Paige and is upset that she wants to go to a better school. She convinces him to convince Paige to go there.


Mary tries once again to get a haircut, but once again chickens out after talking to June…..who says she needs to begin charging by the hour.


That night, Mary begins using her sewing machine to make a dress for Missy. Georgie thinks she lost her job and they are poor, but she says she is finally doing something for herself. She gets more annoyed when she has to repeat herself to George when he asks the same questions.


Sheldon looks into different schools to attend to upstage Paige. Missy notices and wonders if Sheldon may have developed a crush on Paige. She even gives him a teen magazine quiz to prove her point. Sheldon denies it and goes to ask Georgie, who also insists Sheldon has a crush. He tries to explain things, but Sheldon is even more confused.

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He then calls Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn), who helps explain love and crushes in a way that he can understand. However, Sheldon does not like this at all.


Mary comes home with more sewing stuff, but George is not happy with what it cost. He goes to the bar to complain to his friend, who fails to see why he is all upset.


Paige says there is no way she is attending the same school as Sheldon. However, he is more concerned over his new discovered crush. She admits she feels the same and says they now need to kiss. She tells him to lean in and close his eyes…..but instead of kissing him, she draws a mustache on his face. He doesn’t feel anything and is relieved it is over….until he realizes what she has done.


The episode ends with Mary finally getting a haircut because she got it stuck in her sewing machine while daydreaming.


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