Only Murders in the Building Recap for Ghost Light

Only Murders in the Building Recap for Ghost Light

Only Murders in the Building Recap for Ghost Light

The episode opens with Howard narrating about ghosts in the theatre and giving a history lesson on the topic. It leads to the current death of Ben and the demons Oliver and Charles are currently facing in their lives. He also alludes to Mabel’s future haunting her as he comes to her door and confesses that he killed Ben.

Howard then confesses to Mabel, Charles and Oliver that it was actually a ghost that killed Ben and that he was protecting the show from a malevolent spirit. As he tries to hysterically explain what that means, the trio questions him.


Flashback to opening night. Howard remembers that he heard Gideon the Ghost and actually talked to him. In present day, the trio remind him that ghosts aren’t real. Tobert, who was also at the apartment, comes out and tries to explain that ghosts can be real. Howard continues to act hysterical.

The trio and Tobert try to figure out if the doctor was involved and if that is what Howard heard. Charles and Oliver are annoyed by Tobert’s presence.


Mabel wonders if the ghost theory is Howard covering for Jonathan, who was Ben’s understudy and therefore a suspect. The three of them are back in business.


Howard comes back and continues to freak out over the ghost and finding Three’s Company references.  The four of them head to the theatre to investigate….along with Joy’s left behind fish President McKinley.

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The four of them argue when a sandbag falls from the ceiling. They all go to KT to report on what happened. As she checks it out, they all look around the office and find handwriting samples, which Mabel think they can use to compare the handwriting to the message in Ben’s dressing room. Oliver hates this idea, but Mabel says it is from his playbook.


Charles is upset about Mabel and Tobert and wonders if he can trust her. They end up trying to talk things out, but realize Oliver is missing. Charles searches for him while Mabel yells that she will work alone as usual.


Oliver steals Mabel’s handwriting idea after all and finds some evidence. He realizes the gang is gone and goes to look for them…only to find Jerry, a former worker he’d fired. It turns out Jerry lives in the attic of the theatre.


Charles puts President McKinley in a toilet tank and gets locked in the room….causing him to have a panic attack.

Mabel does her own investigating and runs into Tobert, who is also investigating.


Howard questions KT about her locked office and and ghosts. She says she never keeps it locked and knows about Gideon. The two of them bond about their dreams falling apart.


Charles continues to panic while Jerry tells Oliver that he heard Howard talking about Gideon and decided to mess with him. Oliver tries to question him, but he ends up freaking out. The two of them talk about Jerry’s fall from grace and also begin to bond.

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Tobert and Mabel have evidence and run into Jonathan, who admits that he never wanted the lead and instead wanted access to Ben’s doctor.


Charles continues to break out and ends up causing a smoky mess.


Jerry uses dolls to explain what he saw on opening night….which includes Ben being called a f**king pig. He also reveals that Charles punched Ben.


KT and Howard try to contact Gideon from the great beyond.


Charles records a video in case he dies….still freaking out. He then realizes he can use jimmy keys to save himself.


Jerry and Oliver reminisce about their friendship. Oliver tells him to go home and that he will keep his secret.


Charles finally escapes and runs into Tobert and Mabel….who say they were only apart for 20 minutes. They find Olliver destroying evidence and try to stop them. This causes a fight between the men and Charles quitting after it comes out that Charles punched Ben. It is also revealed Loretta was involved and it leads to Oliver lashing out at Mabel. She says she should have listened to Cinda and partnered with her and storms off.


Howard narrates about life as Mabel and Tobert work together, Oliver stares at destroyed evidence and Charles brings the fish home. Jerry’s curtain closes as the episode ends.




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