Only Murders in the Building Recap for CoBro

Only Murders in the Building Recap for CoBro

Only Murders in the Building Recap for CoBro

The episode opens with Uma talking about liking people, but not trusting them as she reflects back on her friendship with Bunny. As she walks through the building, still reflecting, Lester pays her a compliment and she blows him off. She also reveals that she takes things to remember people by when they are gone….leading to her remembering Ben falling through the elevator and dying.

Charles walks into the diner, where he sees Uma. She tells him to sit by the aisle to make the table seem smaller. She talks about how she and Bunny used to share a meal together and after being snarky to him, she invites him to join her at her table. He fills her in on what happened with the show and they bond over losing friends….even though he thinks he is younger than her and that Oliver and Mabel are going to come back.

Uma talks about the ups and downs of her friendship with Bunny when Charles gets a call asking for a donation for the Philharmonic. She thinks this is funny and leaves him with the bill…..but not before he sees and questions the fact that she has Ben’s handkerchief.


Mabel tells Theo about her fight with the guys and how she wants to solve Ben’s murder. He lets her know Dickie is having a silent auction that day upstairs.


Oliver watches auditions for Ben’s replacement with Donna and Cliff. They aren’t happy with anyone auditioning, so Cliff promises to get someone else. Donna and Oliver debate about getting Charles back when Cliff comes in with Matthew Broderick, making them all happy.

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Charles comes in to see Oliver on the pretense of checking out doorbells, but ends up annoying them all…including Matthew, who tells him there is no way he could have been Ferris Bueller. Charles is upset as Matthew and Oliver go to split a Gut Milk.


Theo and Mabel go to the auction, which features things from Ben’s superhero movie. Theo is super into it, so Mabel teases him about being a nerd. However, she pretends to be a fan herself when Dickie comes in and begins to question her.


She then begins to question him, but he shuts it down quickly.


Matthew and Oliver talk about the play and how Matthew promises to commit to it fully. As they rehearse, Charles can hear them and shuts the windows. He then checks out the handkerchiefs he has collected from the cast….all while Matthew continues to rehearse…..making the 38th time the charm.


Matthew begins to take over the play, annoying Oliver.


Mabel apologizes to Dickie, who says that he always had to protect Ben, even through his problematic behavior. He also shares tidbits about him, such as loving boba tea, dog videos and setting his watch 20 minutes earlier so he can be fashionably late.


Mabel tells him she wants to find his killer, but Dickie is not interested, thinking that Gregg is still the killer.


Charles tells Uma that he needs the handkerchief back, but she no longer has it because she sold it to someone upstairs.

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Oliver talks to Mel Brooks, asking if he had problems with Matthew. Mel tells him he is f**ked because he asked for ideas.


Mabel and Theo continue to work on the case. She realizes that Gregg wasn’t in the building because the time on his watch was set to 20 minutes earlier… there is no way he is the killer.


Later on, Mabel tries to film the podcast, but realizes she can’t use the original name. Tobert suggests calling it the Bloody Mabel Podcast, but she vetoes that idea. Theo is still there and after some awkward moments, Theo shows them a picture he got that shows that Dickie created the superhero franchise….giving him motive. They get to work trying to prove it.


Matthew continues to drive Oliver crazy. He finally breaks down as Charles arrives and gives him the part back. They end up bonding while Mabel continues to work on the podcast….missing the guys. The guys miss her too and plan to work things out with her. They go to a random apartment and end up listening to the podcast, along with Dickie, who seems agitated. A cop is also listening and gets a call from someone who thinks the case should be reopened….as the episode comes to a close.

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