ICYMI: The Amazing Race 34 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race 34 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race 34 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

Leg 1: Munich, Germany–Nymphenburg Palace


Teams: Luis and Michelle, Derek and Claire, Rex and Tim, Abby and Will, Quinton and Mattie, Molly and Emily , Linton and Sharik, Glenda and Lumumba, Marcus and Michael, Rich and Dom, Aubrey and David, Aashta and Nina.


The teams can do the challenges in any order they wish and they will still get the clues that will send them to the pit stop.


As an aside, T-Rex for Rex and Tim is the coolest team name ever and Molly and Emily’s story is by far the most incredible story we have ever heard on the show.


There will be NO non-elimination legs this season, so everyone will have to really bring their A-Game.


One clue has the teams rolling kegs of beer through an obstacle course at Luitpold Park.


Another one has them sawing a log at Biergarten Seehaus.


Yet another clue has them smashing a block of ice at Augustiner-Keller Biergarten.


All of these tasks will lead them to the clue to get to the pit stop. They can be done in any order, but all of them must be completed before they get that final clue.



Michael and Marcus do the Roll task first. They struggle on their first round and have to start over. They are able to pass it on the second try and move on to the next one.

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Aubrey and David and Derek and Claire are also on this task. Derek and Claire pass on their first try, but Will and Abby need to start over.


Rich and Dom begin with the Saw Task. They are frustrated as they try and saw a log to get a clue. Things get even more frustrating when Linton and Sharik get there after them and finish the task before them.


Emily and Molly begin at the Smash task, which is the Roadblock. Luis and Michelle also do this task, which has them smashing ice until they get their clue.


Luis finishes this task quickly and moves to the next one. Molly is not too far behind.


Quinton and Mattie and Glenda and Lumumba are also beginning with this task.


Rex and Tim and Aashta and Nina have not yet begun a task and fall behind.


Aubrey and David and Will and Abby finish their first task and move on to the Saw task.


Rex and Tim and Aashta and Nina finally make it to their first task. They begin with the Smash task with Nina and Tim completing it. They manage to complete it quickly and move on to the next task.


Derek and Claire move to the Saw task, which Rich and Dom finally finished.


Marcus and Michael move on to the Smash task, while Glenda and Lumumba and Quinton and Mattie move to the Roll task. They all finish and move on to their final tasks.

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Luis and Michelle, Aashta and Nina, Will and Abby and Glenda and Lumumba are on the Saw task.


Derek and Claire finish the Smash task and are the first to finish all three tasks. They now must go to the Pit Stop at Friedensengel and must find a monument that translates to Angel of Peace.


Tim and Rex finish the Roll task and move to the Saw task, while Rich and Dom struggle with the same task. They finally get it after three tried and move on to their final task–the Roll task.


Marcus and Michael get lost finding their next task. They finally make it to the Saw task and work on completing it.



Linton completes the Smash task for his team.


Rex and Tim finish their final task.


Aashta and Nina struggle with the Roll task, while Luis and Michelle complete it fairly quickly.


Aubrey and David struggle with their Smash task.


The teams check in as follows:

Derek and Claire–also win $2,500

Glenda and Lumumba

Quinton and Mattie

Linton and Sharik

Emily and Molly

Marcus and Michael

Tim and Rex

Will and Abby

Rich and Dom

Luis and Michelle

Aubrey and David

Aashta and Nina–ELIMINATED


More next week, stay tuned!

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