Big Brother Recap for 9/14/2023

Big Brother Recap for 9/14/2023

Big Brother Recap for 9/14/2023

Tonight is yet another eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Felicia and Izzy are on the block, with one of them about to leave the show for good.


Cory wants Izzy to stay, especially since he is closer to her, Cirie and Jared from day one. However, America wants to get rid of Izzy because she is the better game player.


America, for her part, tells Cameron she thinks Felicia is going, which is news to him. He was also surprised when she told him that Jared seems to oversee a lot and wanted him to leave last week. This gets him thinking, especially as he recalls how Jared is so protective of Cirie. He wonders if there is more to their friendship than meets the eye. Things begin to fall into place with how Red’s eviction played out and he and America decide to get rid of Izzy.


America begins to get word out that Izzy should be evicted. As she does this, word about the power Matt had and who played comes out, leading Cory to realize he might not be as close to Cirie (who he had no idea played for said power) as he thought. He slowly gets on board to get rid of Izzy.


Armed with this new information, Cory goes to Jag and tells him about the alliances playing against each other. Jag admits that he is suspicious of Cirie and Jared and things are coming together for him as well. He is on board to get rid of Izzy.

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Bowie also gets on board after a talk with Cory. Mecole agrees as well, but only because she sees Izzy as the bigger threat. Matt gets on board after he realized he was played by Izzy, Cirie and Jared.


Eviction time! Felicia and Izzy give their final pleas before the vote. In an 8-1 vote, Izzy is evicted from the Big Brother Household. Cirie is the only one that voted to evict Felicia.


Izzy is NOT happy and snarks that she will be seeing Cory and Cameron soon. During her exit interview, she admits it was a mistake to trust Cory. She also thinks this is going to end bad for Cirie and Jared and that if Cirie had been backdoored and evicted, she would have been next.


Wall sit HOH! Tune in Sunday to see who wins!


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