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America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/20/2023

America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/20/2023


Tonight is the final results show before we get to finale week on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.


After a recap from last night and some filler, it is go time!


Grace Good vs. Eduardo Antonio Trevino: Eduardo is in, Grace is out.


82nd Division Airbourne Chorus vs. Sangsoon Kim vs. Mandy Muden: 82nd Division is staying, the others are leaving.


Trailer Flowers vs. Eseniia Mikheeva vs. Avantgardey: Avantgardey is in the next round!


Lachume vs. Ramadani Brothers vs. Gabriel Henrique: Ramadani Brothers and Gabriel are in!


Top Three:

Ramadani Brothers, 82nd Division and Gabriel.


Top Two:

Ramadani Brothers and 82nd Division.



Atlanta Drum Academy, Gabriel, Herwan Legaillard, Avantgardey.


Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi perform together.


Wildcard Act Moving Forward:



Finale next week, stay tuned!

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