The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister

Dawn and the Wicked Stepsister opens with Dawn cleaning the house in preparation for Richie and Mary Anne’s arrival. She looks back on moving to Stoneybrook, while Sharon wonders where she learned how to clean.

Sharon finds her tincture and explains how it is supposed to ward off evil, negative spirits and help with organization. Dawn snarks that Sharon should up her dose, leading to Sharon to compare Dawn to her dad.

Mary Anne and Richie arrive, with the girls calling each other ‘sis.’ Richie babbles about what he packed until Sharon kisses him hello.

Things seem to be going with everyone, until Mary Anne begins to move into Dawn’s room. Dawn is uncomfortable with Mary Anne moving her things, but things change once they discover the secret passage.

At dinner, the girls talk about the secret passage, which Sharon finds fun. Dawn encourages them to eat hot sauce, which Mary Anne ends up hating.

Meanwhile, Mallory and Jessi are babysitting the Pike kids, who are acting up. Byron ends up getting hurt. Mallory texts Dawn later, telling her Byron us going to be fine.

That night, Mary Anne and Dawn go to bed. It starts off okay with them discussing Logan, but quickly turns uncomfortable when Mary Anne takes out her clown doll that scares Dawn. Things get worse when Mary Anne ends up being allergic to Dawn’s incense.

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At the next meeting, Jessi and Mallory discuss the Byron issue and say he had to get stitches. However, since her parents needed to pay out of pocket, they cannot afford to give her sister Claire a birthday party. The BSC decide to give her a party in lieu of a charity donation, but this makes Mallory uncomfortable.

Mary Anne is asleep and wakes up with a start. Kristy asks if Dawn’s snoring kept her awake, which upsets Dawn. However, Mary Anne claims it was the secret passage.

The next night, it is Dawn who has problems sleeping due to the clown doll. She has problems concentrating at the party planning, which is still making Mallory uncomfortable.

Things get tense  with Mary Anne and Dawn over  the mention of clowns and only gets worse when Mary Anne and Sharon bake a cake together later on. Dawn ends up getting annoyed with them, but pretends to be okay……especially when Richie brings her adult coloring books.

That night, the tension comes to a head when Mary Anne sets up traps and wants the light on due to the secret passage. Dawn says it is a pain living with Mary Anne.


The tension carries into the meeting when Mary Anne shares pictures of the cake. Dawn is still upset over the mess in the kitchen and having to be a clown.They end up in a huge fight, with the girls being in the middle.

Kristy tries to get them excited for the party, but it is still tense.

At the party, Mallory ends up crying because she thinks she is a burden and the party is a charity case. They all assure her that they show up for each other and want her to be happy. Mallory is touched and cries new tears of joy.

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Mary Anne decides to go into the secret passage to prove she is not scared. Dawn follows her in, but closes the door, causing them to be locked in with no phones.

They fight for a bit, but end up making up and agreeing that they can have their own rooms if they end up living together for real.

Kristy scares Claire in her clown, while Claudia gives Vanessa a goth makeover. They both realize Mary Anne and Dawn are missing, so Kristy goes to find them, only to scare the living daylights out of them.

Dawn ends up boarding up the secret passage. Richie comes back and gives Dawn an adult coloring book as a way to relax. They end up having a sweet moment together and bond over feelings.

The episode ends with Richie trying hot sauce and the girls finally getting along. Dawn even uses the coloring book.


  • The thought of Richie coloring is hilarious and cute at the same time.
  • The girls know Sharon and Richie are doing the dirty-dirty!
  • I can totally see Dawn doing those hot sauce contests.
  • The girls should have told Mallory they were doing the party to make Claire happy
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