The Amazing Race: Recap for January 3, 2018


The Amazing Race: Recap for January 3, 2018

Hello, and welcome to The Amazing Race SEASON 30 on CBS! This is the season premiere, with all new teams, all new adventures and of course, an AMAZING time!

Here are the teams for this season. I am only doing this once, so pay attention and take notes!

1. Cedric & Shawn — #TeamSlamDunk
2. April & Sarah — #TeamGoatYoga (Uhhhh, WTH is goat yoga? I guess we will find out?)
3. Cody & Jessica — #TeamBigBrother
4. Henry & Evan — #TeamYale
5. Trevor & Chris — #TeamWellStrung
6. Alex & Conor — #TeamIndyCar
7. Dessie & Kayla — #TheRingGirls
8. Joey & Tim — #TeamChomp (aka the competitive eaters)
9. Kristi & Jen — #TeamExtreme
10. Lucas & Brittany — #TeamOceanRescue
11. Eric & Daniel — #TheFirefighters (aka the twins)

Pencils down! Let’s get this race started.

Phil Keoghan greets the teams, along with a million screaming fans in NYC. After a few introductions, the teams end up in the fountain to find their first clue.

So goat yoga is the combination of loving yoga and having goats? Did I get that correct? Allllllllll righttttyyyyy thennnnnn!!!!!

The race begins and we get to know the teams a bit more. Team Well Strung are very good looking guys.

First Stop: Iceland! They head to the capital (Reykjavík) for their next clue.

OMG, Iceland is gorgeous.

The teams have to do some sort of wire thing where they go from one mountain to another. This will lead them to the Icelandic flag and the next clue.

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#TeamGoatYoga are fighting. It’s ironic, since….well, isn’t yoga all about peace and stuff?

Second Stop: Esjumelur!

Roadblock: They need to race across a river bank to spell out the name of where they have to go next. Or something. They weren’t quite clear.

In grand tradition of this show, it is a big clustercluck of jumping from team to team.

Stop Three: Ingólfstorg! This task has them identifying drinks. Black Death is a Brennivin, Porskalysi is a cod liver oil.

Pit Stop: Reykjavíkurtjörnin

Order of Arrival:
1st place: Kristi & Jen (Won a trip to Santorini, Greece)
2nd place: Cody & Jessica
3rd place: Evan & Henry
4th place: Trevor & Chris
5th place: Alex & Conor
6th place: Joey & Tim
7th place: Lucas & Brittany
8th place: Eric & Daniel
9th place: Cedric & Shawn
10th place: April & Sarah
Eliminated: Dessie & Kayla

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