Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 3/1/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/19/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 3/1/2023

-Ariana seems like such a great friend.

-I am trying to figure out Raquel’s top….the hoodie part is all ripped, but the tank is like a gym shirt….she can rock it, but it is not my style.

-This Ally/Raquel talk about James is……I don’t know, they aren’t even friends, so why is Raquel telling Ally about her meeting with James? To warn her about cheating? I am so confused.

-This Schwartz’s Mom song is really creepy, but his mom is gorgeous.

-I am so confused as to why Scheana is hanging out with the Toms. Are they even friends? I know Schwartz did her podcast, but I can’t see them all hanging out together.

-CHARLI! Where have you been, girl?

-Wait… Raquel is actually considering hooking up with Schwartz and Charlie is encouraging it? I mean, he is single, so he is fair game, but Katie is her friend and you NEVER hook up with or date someone a friend dated. Even if it has been years since they broke up. Basic friend code, people!!!!! (now, if the friend gives her blessing, then it is a whole different animal, but Katie made it clear this would make her uncomfortable. My only issue with Katie is she wouldn’t let it go with Scheana and the podcast debacle.)

-These heart to hearts with Lisa and James are so sweet.

-Kristina Kelly is back! There is a throwback return I never expected.

-Sandoval has the cutest mom ever to appear on reality TV!!!!

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-I am so sick of the Katie/Schwartz drama.

-This episode is so boring. I fell asleep twice and it is still not over.

-Summer Moon’s random cameo was better than half the BS we saw tonight.

-Wait, wait, wait….Raquel is going on a girls trip with Katie when she is planning on hooking up with Schwartz…..but won’t invite Scheana for the podcast debacle. Now, what Scheana did was crappy, but she did apologize…..there is a difference between talking about a potential hook up and actually planning on doing it.

-Raquel told Katie about asking Schwartz to make out, but Katie is still blaming Scheana….even though Raquel discussed this with Charli, not Scheana, unless I missed something. Also, Katie THANKED Raquel for telling her about it….instead of Teresa Giudice-ing the table the way she would have done if Scheana were there? I just can’t with this…..

-Lisa really needs to make the Toms realize they have to take responsibility for their actions and running their restaurant.

-I just realized there was no Lala in this episode.

-More next week, stay tuned.


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