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The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 6/28/2023

The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 6/28/2023

-Gina and Anabelle’s modeling storyline is giving me major season one RHONJ vibes with Teresa and Gia.

-Dude ranch….a ranch full of dudes….were their significant others serious or were they making bad dad jokes?

-This dude ranch trip is going to be a disaster…..they can’t even get through the shopping trip without drama.

-Jenn, RUN from this cheating dude!

-Jenn still has her blinders on when it comes to Ryan….and I don’t think it is going to end well at all.

-Heather’s empty nest syndrome is all too real for so many parents.

-Taylor talking smack about Heather to Tamra is going to bite her in the ass. I know she is probably venting, but still….do not bring others into the issue!

-The food looks delicious at this restaurant.

-Heather was a bit rude to Taylor, but again, this is only going to end badly for everyone.

-Emily has COVID and can’t go to the dude ranch trip.

-Gina needs to mind her own business when it comes to Jenn’s life.

-Why do these women always complain about their accommodations? Can’t they ever appreciate what they’ve got?

-This bull riding looks like a lot of fun, but the flashbacks make it even funnier.

-It’s too vagina? WTF foes that even mean?

-This sharing fun facts is always interesting, but at the same time we all know it won’t last because a fight is on the horizon.

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-Heather and Taylor are now fighting over the acting debacle. I knew this was going to happen.

-I knew the Taylor and Tamra conversation was going to come back and bite Taylor in the ass.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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