The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 4/11/2023

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 4/11/2023

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 4/11/2023

-Danielle has a clothing line now? It is interesting she is collaborating with Melissa.

-It is nice of Jen to talk to Melissa about Bridesmaid-Gate, but Melissa needs to let this whole thing go already! I am so sick of it. You’re probably saving yourself a lot of drama by not being in the wedding in the first place.

-Um, Teresa? There is a weather app and this nifty invention called Google. You can check the weather in Ireland as you pack!

-Dolores’s intentions are good, but this trip is going to be a disaster.

-Telling Dolores to ask for plastic cups made me laugh so hard.

-I truly hope Jen and Bill are able to work things out, therapy or no.

-I think Teresa and Dolores getting the big rooms since they are the bride and host, respectively and then having everyone else pick from a hat is fair. RHONY, take notes.

-Jennifer hooking up with Tony Soprano as so not on my bingo card, yet here we are.

-All the bedrooms look gorgeous….I don’t know what everyone is complaining about? Also, how much time will they even be in the room?

-Wait….the ladies are blaming Jen for the coffee lady’s readings being so accurate? I mean, most of it was common knowledge she could have found on social media, but still.

-Okay, so Jen did talk to the coffee lady and could have possibly told her stuff that she used…..but not everything. However, Margaret thinks she set this whole thing up.

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-Didn’t Dolores tell them not to be rude not ten minutes ago?

-Danielle…..Margaret’s falling out with Laura is none of your business!

-WAIT! Laura had a friend who allegedly caught Melissa with another guy and told Margaret. Jen and Teresa also allegedly know what happened as well…..and now Danielle knows.

-Chamin Taming? You mean Channing Tatum?

-I would never send a titty picture to my friend’s husband to he could play Guess the Titties, but that’s just me.

-Bringing up the fact that Jen and Dolores are bridesmaids in front of Melissa is really crappy…especially since they keep harping on it. I think Melissa made wayyyyy too big a deal about not being in the wedding, but if I were her, this would hurt.

-Saying Melissa was invited out of obligation was a REALLY crappy thing to say….I didn’t catch who said it, but that was sooooo shitty.

-Jen said it and she REALLY should have apologized. I am glad Margaret stepped in to defend Melissa.

-Wait, so the other moms were invited, but not Melissa’s? Now I understand why Melissa is so upset over this.

-The Gorgas/Giudices REALLY need to work on communication.

-Jackie randomly spouting a limerick that insults Jen while trying to diffuse a fight……was a choice. Jennifer’s rap was icing on the cake.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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